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Rapunzel of the Dissident Press
Crackpot Mailbox: Lynn Lockhart Tracks Crackpot Literary Fate in the Shallows of Hate
© 2020 James LaFond
Some knuckleheads luck out some of the time, as I did when Lynn Lockhart adopted the management of my "off the rails" Graphomania condition as a hobby.

Lynn Lockhart
Jan 11, 2020, 7:27 PM (20 hours ago)
I have spent the day being amazed and staggered by the fact that most people still don't know what you have done and are doing.
Here is one tweet extracted from Lynn's social media account link above:
Lynn Lockhart ⏳‏ @LynnLock328 · 22h22 hours ago
I don't know the exact figure but LaFond made something like a buck per copy sold, a modest four figure amount over the life of the book. Even after self-publishing became widespread, James was powerless to make any money off this book that Paladin owned

I made exactly 53 cents a copy for the $24 listed The Logic of Steel, as virtually all sales where through amazon for $16.95. I have heaved all my paperwork in the trash when I went homeless and never did add up total sales, which were somewhere just south of a thousand, which I think was from two 500-copy print runs. Millionaire Lynn Thompson did make $250 for a Black Belt magazine article he wrote after Paladin sent him a free copy. In this article, he flatly ripped off my research, failed to attribute my work and even had a model that looked and dressed like me as a bad guy. I am still hoping he will send me a free polypropylene cane.
For everyone who has bought The Logic of Steel, I thank you.
For Lynn resurrecting it after amazon banned my reprinting of it, I thank her.
If you are interested in a quality PDF of it, it is available below via the book store links for this site.
'But, I'm Too Old'
modern combat
Cascadian Living 1
the lesser angels of our nature
of the sunset world
the gods of boxing
pillagers of time
winter of a fighting life
bSirius     Jan 12, 2020

I bought Logic at list at Amazon......23 clams or so.That is a criminal rate to pay an author. That book is world renowned. It completely changed that genre of non-fiction/self defense books. When I played music for major labels, it was the same though and the band shared 99 cents a copy. Pathetic.....right?
    Jan 12, 2020

I'm content, and not alone.

thanks, Brother.
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