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‘Master of None’
Jack Donovan Has Rebooted his Start-the-World Podcast with an Interview of Ian Strimbeck
© 2020 James LaFond
I am very glad that Jack has restarted his podcast.
“The normalcy of every day criminal interaction” witnessed while working as a bar doorman seems to have triggered Ian’s journey into instructing law-abiding citizens in broad-based survival methods.
Ian stresses human resilience through mindset and a desire to train-up the average person to be more survivable. Ian’s career path, using the military arm of the evil system that is devouring us as a means to achieve meaningful survival within it, is a model for achieving fractional autonomy. In many ways, the anarcho-tyranny regime we live under has opened up avenues of masculine expression for those with a vision such as Ian. Ian identifies the rampant current complaisance culture as “poison” injected by our associates and family, which renders us rudderless on the sea of negativity that is civilized life.
Jack brings up a great life-measuring device which strikes at the heart of normalcy, with normality correctly defined by Jack and Ian as the limp-wristed toxin it is.
So, if you have not already gotten over the cold, hard fact that the world is designed to erase you, get over it and take up the fight, not like some CUNT suffragette at the slave ballot box, but like a man, navigating the whirlpools, shoals and storms of the world that hates you because you are a MAN.
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Bryce Sharper     Jan 18, 2020

I worked door security at a bar briefly. I don't know how you can do it nowadays when every punk who starts a fight gets to cry on social media about the manhandling he experienced as a result. The cons of getting sued or arrested for hurting a 150 lb punk simply outweigh the pros of getting chicks or making money at the door of a bar. Bars are just not good places.
James     Jan 19, 2020

this is now a no-go situation is far as I'm concerned.
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