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The Economics of a “Purge”
Viking Age Barbarian and James Discuss the Coming Yeti Cull
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I just banged this out, could be of use, otherwise simply purge
Sat, Jan 18, 7:31 PM (8 days ago)
The Economics of a “Purge”
I have just watched season 2 of “The Purge,” to fill in the time while eating dinner. It helps my digestion to be washed with violence at dinner, having a calming effect on stomach acids. Anyway, the idea of the Purge, is that the New Founding Fathers of America, in some coming utopia, have the idea of having 12 hours each year when the rule of law is suspended and people can kill, rape and plunder to their heart’s content. This could also be called the great culling. Like X-mas Shopping, people get a whole year forplanning, making lists, remembering who to put on the list, and so on.
This sounds an excellent idea, even though in Baltimore, the Purge seems to be on-going. Nevertheless, the authorities could up the totals, by distributing more effective weapons to all to start the games, for the more, the merrier. Forbes think that this isa bad idea, economically, but here they are wrong. Let’s go through their critique.
First it is argued, it would increase economic inequality, as the rich can protect themselves, while, those on welfare will struggle to do so. No, inequality would decrease, as the demographics change: the disadvantaged and weak fall, so in fact, statistically, inequality decreases.
Second argument, Forbes alleges that the rich will commit violent crime all year, receiving positive reinforcement from the Purge, rather than release. Well, the rich do in fact commit violent crime all the time, getting lackeys to do the dirty work, so atleast Purge night gives the middle class a chance to catch up in the Darwinian stakes.
Third argument, there will be complexities with insurance. Let the fucking lawyers work that out; that is what they are paid for.
Fourth, it is claimed that the Purge will increase the level of monopolization of business in America, with the accumulation of harms affecting small business more than big business. What the fuck; how does that follow? If individuals can survive Purge night,even moderate size firms could too. Stay at the business with your AR 15, and a few friends similarly armed. The killers will go to the next stop, after a few fall. Look at how the Koreans protected their businesses in the LA Rod King riots, and these guys never whined about it, just got back to work the next day, the true spirit of America.
In summary I think the idea of a purge will have enormous economic benefits to America, including stimulating economic growth in numerous sectors, such as the funeral industry, weapons etc. What does the Master think?
Viking Age Barbarian (VAB)

I'm so glad to get a piece that is positive.
Things are looking up.
I saw the first two movies in the Purge series and they were based on the premise that The rich are more violent than the poor, which in America, is directly apposed to reality. The other reality reversal was that the pale are more violent than the dark. The movies and now this series strike me as both violent fun and anti-gun, which is a fine way to get your propaganda to pay for itself. The gun-advocate Founding Fathers, cartoons of the Cultural Right, are depicted as implementing the actual policies of the Financial Left, which is excellent propaganda.
Subliminally, I think the general appeal of this idea is the fact that nearly everyone except the rich and the criminal class in real America have been purged, have been driven from our homes by criminals moved into roust us by the rich. This purge theme is, I think a manifestation of a sense of being hunted, which is accurate, just as the vampire and zombie fetish genres are obviously written to appeal to the alienated.
In terms of the economics of purging, I find them to be pure and also cyclic, counter to the lineal economics of the actual economy. What these movies depict in dramatic fashion has been the actual experience of most American ghost folk in a slow motion way, as if the script writer mails the next episode to a doomed character's house and gives them the chance to move before the next purge and do their own rewrite.
Ironically, the real actual purge, on-going, moving more real estate than any empire in history, will, I think result in the same evolution into harder to kill people that stock script writing is going to do for the sympathetic characters in this series, as the viewers get bored with easy targets and the writers start putting heroes in Twig Pig shoes, waiting for the Big Bad Wolf with a deadly weapon at their cartoon door.
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