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Crackpot Mailbox: Brian Jewell and James Discuss the Work of Malcolm Gladwell and Tim Larkin
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Brian Jewell
9:34 AM (5 hours ago)
Hope all is well. I’m looking forward to what your opinion is on this one.

You asked for it, Bro!
I can't discuss either man, since I have not read their work, but love the titles and your write-up of the joint review.
I am familiar with both of the traffic-stop cases you cited above and I had zero empathy for either of the females, the princess or the Pig. The dash cam video of the little blonde pig having her face caved in my Joe Mandingo was so compelling that I re-watched it about 20 times, pumping my fist and snarling, "Take that, bitch!"
You see, I had an almost identical looking bitch pig put her hand on her gun and scream at me for the crime of not letting a big negro buck come up behind me. Vaginal authority on the street needs to be crushed every time it attempts to extend its manipulative hand beyond the kitchen, the cradle, the school room and the bedroom.
Beat that bitch again, bro!
I guess I'll lose some new readers on this one.
The idea of social contracts in conversation is something a man needs to be aware of so that he can totally undermine them and use them for leverage. Do not ever bind yourself to such fantasies unless it is part of your job. For this reason, since I have known Brian and his Sifu Gabriel to be involved with training cops and security men, I am very glad Brian has studied these operant delusions, as some of his students will be honor bound to abide by these fantasies and some other of his students might fall afoul of legal authority simply by committing the crime of automotive locomotion.
For the person who is not part of our sick society's operating system hierarchy, you need to study these books Brian reviews to get insight into the mind of the system of control, to get your mind into the text of the Overmind, so that you can inhabit the subtext, think like a criminal, act like a citizen and never let go of the warrior in you who must be called upon to action when run to ground by the bitch pig with the gun come to put you down or the big buck who wants to have fun beating you down. These are the two sides of the anarcho-tyranny control coin that the modern private warrior has to deal with, hounded and menaced by ethnic savage and system soldiers, cursed to navigate the increasingly narrow grounds between the two horns of the Endtime state.
If I was a young dude I'd be particularly interested in Talking to Strangers, keeping in mind that talking to strangers in dangerous situations generally only serves two types of actors:
the law enforcer
the criminal.
If you are neither, remember that silence is golden, then grab such a text with an eye towards reverse-engineering the content for your context.
Thanks, Brian.
Say hi to the Wife and keep on keeping your nose clean—if you ever need to hand-off a dirty ball, I'll be glad to run with it and foul my way into the forbidden zone.
More vaginal authority flexing in the link below, as a bitch security agent enforces corporate will in an appropriate venue, in the land of rubber cartoons:
Thanks to The Man from Uncle for this link.
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