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Practical Combat Applications for Urban Survival
Dennis Dale and James in the Yeti Waters Gym
© 2020 James LaFond
Dennis and I will be meeting every week while I'm in Portland with the goal being working up a practical video evolution that will take the viewer from surviving a sucker punch to dealing with a pack of goons while wielding a pimp cane!
If there is anything in this video that begs a question, forward your question to Dennis and we will address your request. There will be no knuckleheads left behind if we can help it.
The problem with a coach like me is that I have forgotten what it is like to be uninitiated into knucklehead activity. So please, if you have a question get it to Dennis through his YouTube channel and we will cover it. I'm offline most days, so Dennis will get your request more reliably. There is at least one other video in the cue.
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Don Quotays     Feb 22, 2020

These videos and you earlier videos..... put them on a DVD and I'd buy.
    Feb 23, 2020

Thanks for the thought but I don't know how.
Jeth     Feb 24, 2020

This series has been great, thank you for sharing.

If you do a part 3 - Please could you mention the construction and a little more detail (weapons etc) on "the snake" training equipment? - that was very interesting.

On the dvd side of things - that'd be bootlegged within days - you could add videos to Patreon or some streaming type set up and get some income for your work there- I'd buy a course too!
    Feb 25, 2020

Will go over the snake construction in part 3.

Thanks for the kind words, Jeth
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