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Knuckleheads, Wonderboys and Weirdworkers
Creative Gaming for Men and Boys
I have combined my RPG Triumph, which does not exist in print, with Knuckleheads and Wonderboys, a collection of two simple RPGs and rules for playing with Army men, with a couple-dozen articles on war gaming, fantasy gaming and military history, into a book running 70,055 words and 407 pages.
This is my magnum opus on the gaming subject, which I hope not to revisit. Since dear Miss Lockhart is already burdened with 31 other books, expanding this one was rather rotten. So, I am asking Polynimbus to curate, publish and keep this book, editing it as he sees fit, and hopefully keeping it available in the future when other works of mine have been suppressed.
Yo, The Street Scene game has gotten over 3,000 reads!
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by the wine dark sea
your trojan whorse
book of nightmares

Don QuotaysMar 27, 2020

Looking forward to having a copy.
responds:Mar 27, 2020

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