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Crackpot Mailbox: Columbine Joe Needs to Know How to Regain his Ring Mojo
© 2020 James LaFond
“Damnit Jim. I’m 225 now. I can’t train outfighting anymore.”
-Columbine Joe

Okay Joe, you have limited sympathy from me, since you were 4 inches taller than me, left-handed, in the same weight class and won 38 fights to my 7. Now you’re old and slow, welcome to my world.
You were a move and jab fighter. Use that perspective to time a move and jab man, and against a slug, move and crack. I would specifically suggested leading with the rear left hand down the middle to the chest while stepping to the outside of his lead left foot with your lead right foot, then throwing a power jab to his chin-temple line.
For the left-handed angle look at Pernell Wittiker videos, especially against Chavez.
If you are like most aging fighters, your hand speed will suffer as will your punch count. But, your power should be good and you can move a lot with the feet and not get burned out by the extra weight, if instead of pumping the jab, you defend while moving while setting up a stop hit, a cut off punch or a counter.
Good fighters to watch for rhythm sense and timing against younger guys are:
Archie Moore
George Foreman against Moorer and Cooney
Holmes against Mercer and Butter Bean
Hopkins in his last five fights
Try a little more bend in the knees and experiment with some peek-a-boo aspects, like shoulder rolling with your right against his jab and then stepping past with that righthand lead down the middle to the chin, followed by a right hook behind his elbow.
Sparring with younger fighters, using his shoulder to assist turning him and pivoting out by checking with the palm of your glove with the rear left hand and checking his hip with your right hand will usually be smoother than under-hooking, over-hooking or using both hands on his hips.
To study clinch and move and turning methods look at Jorge Paez in his later years.
Good luck, Joe.
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