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A Month of Dearth Dawns
Notes from the Crackpot Office Five Hours before Lockdown
© 2020 James LaFond
There are a lot of long faces in Portland—in this part of it, where every block has 2-4 bars or eateries. All bars and such places are closed for one month. So the people who have been bringing me coffee and food while I work are out of work until Mid-April. This is service economy famine, what passes for dearth at the apogee of Western Civilization, in the land of Yipsters.
The Washington National Guard is shutting down the Port of Seattle.
This affects me too, as I will lose my wi-fi access.
I have just posted 16 articles, I think, including the last articles I wrote on life in Harm City in mid-December 2019 and a number of literary and historical and combat instalments. If you are stuck at home, I hope you can follow the tags and pages back into the archives—or even better, buy one of the following books which have not sold a single copy:
263 5 0 Yusef of the Dusk
261 5 0 Thunderbird
262 5 0 Supplicant Song
264 3 0 Book of Nightmares
602 7 0 By the Wine Dark Sea
Available at the site e-book store:
I do not know when I will resurface online. If I do, while still stuck on the Bereft Coast, it will be to send my editor a book file or make a post.
I won’t be answering or approving comments or checking emails until I get out of Portland sometime in April.
I might be stuck in Portland, unable to train through Washington and California, in which case I hope to finish another non-fiction book, already 14,000 words and 93 pages deep, titled In the Shallows of Night.
Most importantly, I have my polypropylene pimp cane, and you do not.
In the meantime check:
Dennis Dale’s live stream YouTube channel for training videos he has and has not yet posted
Check out Bart’s cool graphic and article pics at:
Read Randy Bracken’s Death of a Writer site because he is a better writer than I am!
Checkout Lynn Lockhart’s Blogspot for podcasts and occasional articles
Or join my dwindling number of patreon supporters at:
And please, take care of yourself.
Thanks for your support.
James, Portland, Oregon, drinking ‘till midnight with this doll bringing me drinks, 8:13 PM, Monday, March 16 2020.
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