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Fiction from Dennis Dale: Day of the Red Eye
© 2020 James LaFond
Dennis has just sent me what is now my favorite recent science fiction story.
it's a shame he couldn't enter this for the Hugo or Nebula due to the condition of his birth. Tha is a celebrity of the near future, a creature who may have already been born as we read this.
"Cameras followed Tha everywhere, always. The first performer to amass a fortune in the tens of billions he was an industry unto himself; his very minutes were processed and packaged and delivered in a variety of forms to waiting media nodes, where they were consumed daily. As one of Tha's management team (he called them his "hebros") noted, its model was the food distribution system, daily sending out trucks with perishable goods..."
Read more at :
At 3,064 words, or about 9 book pages, Day of the Red Eye reminds me of Rollerball in some ways and in others some of Phillip K. Dick's 1960s work, like Minority Report, with a more appropriately horrific vibe.
Dennis, congrats on a great read.
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Ruben Chandler     Apr 28, 2020

What a great piece! I'd read much more of Dennis. Left him a comment. I've been blogging since 08 and have fewer than a dozen comments which is pretty okay considering how sloppily blogspot interface handles comments.
James     Apr 29, 2020

Dennis will hopefully publish an anthology next year.
Ruben Chandler     Apr 29, 2020

I didn't see a button to follow his blog or I would have publicly.
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