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When the Strength of Men Fails
A Stout Frank Muses Over the Desecration of the Honorable Dead
© 2020 James LaFond
I can only imagine what was going through the mind of that boy when he tried to defend the girl from the migrant. Though his actions were heroic, his strength was not enough. He failed. It's a harrowing thing to realize, that we have been set up from birth to be unable to defeat our enemies, even when the cards are down. Especially when the cards are down. Worse, in our death we will then be made to be the enemy of virtue even as those who would tear down what we took so long to build are allow to raze the body republic unmolested. This is why I train. This is why I have never set my weapons down, not even for a moment.
Thank you again for showing me the way of the warrior, James, so that I may keep my heart and mind as savage as my body.
Forever your Stout Frank,
The Adam Bomb

Adam, you are one of the last men I know who will even use his real name.
That makes you a hero in my book.
For me, being an asshole is my job, its my niche, my publishing empire of the ants.
You don’t get anything from putting your self out there.
I would like to point out here, that the greatest crime against modernity is self-defense and defense of family. This has been the crux of the Devil’s bargain our ancestors struck with the State. Ironically, this brings back the possibility of heroism in an antiheroic world.
You see, while hero is translated in most languages as simply “champion,” in ancient Aryаn its root is metaphysic. In the Hellenic tradition, specifically, where the term comes down to us from, there is an echo of the sacred. The hero, like Hector, Achilles, Ajax and Odysseus, is either doomed or grieved as he strives against kings and gods.
My man, what is our Postmodern, Postheroic, Postrational, world if not a pantheon of Olympian deities squabbling over our bodies and souls.
Does this mind-screwed world reflect an ancient metaphysic world in an electronic field of fright?
Is Modernity a malevolent manifestation of our sins begging for a return of the real God?
Is Posmodernity, as Uncle Ted posited, a soul-eating world-raping system simply gone rampant after our witless creation of our once and future slave master?
I don’t know.
What I do know is that the dedicated war on:
And Thought
Is being waged on behalf of
System Sanctity
Sacral Collectivity
And actual Sin as not only good but as the One True God.
We are in a twilight time.
It is such a time as kills heroes, makes them, breaks them and immortalizes a fateful few.
The best heroes die.
There’s no harm in that, except to the system. Every hero it kills reduces its psychic feed by a much more significant portion than many meet-puppets.
This society is like a runaway train determined to kill the crew in alliance with the passengers. As the passengers replace the crew, the train hurdles more assuredly to its deserved destiny.
Thanks for letting me know that a hero died at the hands of hate—that’s, what they do. Expecting the monster they fight against not to respect their sacrifice is a wasted effort. Hate from the System, from the Monster one fights, what could be more of an honor?
I will trade the hate of the monster for the love of its enslaved fools any day.
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Thawtcriminowitz     Jun 18, 2020

Fuckin A. Good essay. May we pray to our Gods to allow us to face the upcoming challenges heroucally
James     Jun 19, 2020

Keep that plurality Bro!
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