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‘Surfy, Crocodile Grabbing Cowboys’
Marius “Man-Butcher” Manliness Discusses the Metaphysic Descent of His Folk into Sloth
© 2020 James LaFond
I never read the sign on the milk crate guy till just now.
Thanks a lot mate. I look forward to reading it. Just wanted to say that yours is my favourite blog. Your commentary is always point and your writing style is fluid.
I particularly enjoy your Tolkien analysis. It seems as though he celebrates the gentleness of the hobbits and their simple ways, while you refer to them as degenerates.
Personally, I see both sides. Living in Australia, is quite similar to the shire. We have our borders secured by rangers against hordes of the great unwashed. However, this has bred complacency. Everything you talk about in terms of hipsters and state overreach, gluttony, avarice and the comforts of modernity are similar to the US, at least in the cities. In the countryside its different. People are real here. Unfortunately they burn out quick. most people there are overweight, chain smoking alcoholics. We have an image portrayed to the rest of the world of athletic surfy crocodile grabbing cowboys. That’s far from the truth. Our media priesthood is just as crooked as yours. Tonight there was a sob story on the national news about a man being quarantined in a hotel room suffering from anxiety. It took 3 days before he could speak to a psychologist!! can you imagine??
In that sense I would compare us to Isengard. a child’s imitation of the very real Mordor. The main difference is we don’t have the slavery narrative. Sure there were natives, and my ancestors conducted a thoroughly British genocide and assimilation program, but there were never really many of them to put up an effective resistance, unlike the Maori's. We also have not seen our population replacement yet, although I believe it is coming.
My great fear is China. When the eagle withdraws her legions, we will be left to fend for ourselves. The hardened generation of men who lived on the land does not exist now. the ANZACs would be rolling in their graves. The only men who I see capable of being our next round of soldiers work in construction, mining or agriculture, plus a few committed sports people, and of these, most are broken by the time they're 30. I find it sad, that our nation has so much of its identity built around sending off our best men to die in the Aryаn suicide. (As an aside, the jungle war in new guinea over the kokoda track best exemplifies our warrior culture. The best recruits having been sent to Egypt and Africa, the B team was sent to repel the Japanese in a muddy malarial tug of war over a mountain airstrip)
I think you are correct in your summation, that Australia is the eternal prison colony. I have no doubt our money masters will sell what they have not already sold to the Chinese when the time comes (probably 5 years when the Chinese navy is complete), and the American armada won’t be there to save us. Our only hope is to become the resilient colonist we once were and rediscover masculinity. The way things are going though, it seems unlikely.
I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the land down under and as always keep up the good work!
PS how did you know I have Roman ancestry?

I just picked Marius because it is my favorite Roman name and goes will with Man-Butcher and such.
I promise I’m not psychic, just psychotic.
Your view of Australia as Isengard to America’s Mordor is perfect.
I have three writing friends in Australia and now you as a correspondent, and I am pleased.
I once had a chance to move to Australia as a dependent house-boy, sex-slave and bodyguard to a female lawyer, and I declined. I had the conversation with her and her husband in their dining room and both of us blokes decided that the Lady could go down under alone and take her vast appetites with her.
I have an interest in Australia because I have read much on the Age of Sail and have always wondered at Terra Australis Incognito as a fantasy setting, if the Africa that scholars thought had to be there had maybe been still joined to New Guinea. I decided not to write that book though I did make a map and a chronology.
Historically, Australia is important for America because it shows roughly what was being done in North America by the Brits and Americans until 1804, something almost entirely obscured in our own history.
As a science-fiction writer, I have an idea for Australia, a way that they could take back the frontier spirit—take to the vacuum above and around us. I would suggest a partnership with Japan to develop an actual space program dedicated to establishing colonies. You have antarctica for some sort of practice. The Japs have to be terrified of the Chinese.
That U.S. Navy will most likely be used to ferry refugees to post-apocalyptic North America to replace my descendants. Which brings to mind the idea that an exchange program might be worked with the Chinks. Some competent technicians will be needed in the frontier you would have been spawned in if the U.S. had not stopped accepting British convict labor in 1804. Australians were once the most savage mobsters in San Francisco in the 1800s. Perhaps the various Aryаns slated for replacement in Australia could arrange for the Chinese who buy their land out from under them to transport them to North America to operate Chinese tourist attractions. You guys have a PBR presence in the bull-riding circuit so have some western U.S. connections.
Since humans have lost the taste for outer space, perhaps those of you inclined to breed might find sponsorship and adoption amongst surviving Aryаn-Americans in the far western U.S.?
I’m not being cynical or comic here, but speculatively serious.
The Aryаn elite will sell us out to the Asian elite.
While the decommissioned nuclear aircraft carriers are used to bring millions of African refugees out of their homeland to replace my kind in the eastern U.S., I think the most plausible Australian survival strategy could be an exodus to the Pacific Northwest, which does not have a breeding population despite vast resources. Everybody up there is from somewhere else and most are not having human children. Bantus have not been successfully massed there in the numbers necessary to ruin it. I think Oregon and Washington States look like likely colonies for any Australians that the Chinese decline to kill.
Seriously, there is possibly a city in China with as many people as you have Aryаn-Australians in your entire continent. Even if Aryаns were still warriors, it would just be a big Thermopyle. Thank you so much for the information on your for sale nation.
Fair Fate to you, Marius.
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Exile     May 26, 2020

We've talked about the Aussie/Kiwi situation in our American & Canadian 5PT circles and we're leaving a light on for those who want to make the great trek north - South Africans & Euros too.
James     May 26, 2020

Very nice.
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