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Emasculinity to Infinity
Considering the Clitoral Littoral: May, 25-29, 2020
© 2020 James LaFond
This book, running 13,279 words over 101 pages, is no complete and available for private PDF correspondence for a donation with typos included. Only the last 6 chapters will not be posted online.
Dust Cover
I have landed in the Garden State, which I am told is a death sentence—that I will die of the Dread Minus. Here, from the foot of the affrighted towers of puppeteer power, I simply wonder, as a horror and science-fiction writer might be forgiven for doing, what is this world, this place that is entirely ruled by fear?
Feral Teens 7
When the Strength of Men Fails 12
‘Surfy, Crocodile Grabbing Cowboys’ 17
Ruined 25
‘Occluded from Our Understanding’ 33
A Loner 36
Meat-Puppet Mopheads 41
Meatsuit Civics 45
Matter and Reality 56
My Monstrous Muse 71
As the World Burns 76
Mescaline Frank and Machete Hank 78
An Email to a Longtime Lover 83
Spiritualism versus Feminism 85
Electric Dan Asks 93
Maimed Warrior 96
Tyr - The Norse Gods 96
Doctor 98
Is You Sure?
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Harpy Haj Complete
taboo you
your trojan whorse
by this axe!
the first boxers
orphan nation
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