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Why Is Ebony Baltimore Not on Fire?
Yet Ivory Towns Are Freaking Out? A Dialogue with Dennis Dale
© 2020 James LaFond
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Dennis Dale
Mon, Jun 1, 6:06 PM (16 hours ago)
I understand Baltimore is peaceful. Portland is not. I read recently about some weird fluctuations in the earth's magnetic field as well. I wonder if it all has to do with the magnetic poles reversing. Just trying to understand.

Nice report, Dennis.
That reads more like real news than anything in the print media or on TV.
Baltimore is not peaceful, has not been since 1968.
Yeti Waters has told me that Leftoid mobs have been marching in Portland.
Let those crackers try that shit in Baltimore and you will see a bunch of them raped, sold into slavery, beaten and spat upon. With the exception of Philly and New York and a few other tough towns, most of this stuff is happening in peaceful cities largely free of crime. This is the point, the same point as the Shamdemic, to terrorize normal citizens into voluntary social control—to convince us to take the knee and bow in submission to the new feudal order.
As far as I know—and I was just there where two goons in a pickup were following me around in Mid-May—Baltimore is still the most dangerous place in the Disunited States.
That is why there is no rioting, because it is not safe for hipster ivory women in BLM masks to go a screeching and protesting on the street, or for ivory cops in masks to knockout windows in front of a crowd while alone without backup. It is not safe for a Deep State actor to place a pallet of bricks on the street in Baltimore City—because Baltimore is for real—it is actually dangerous and does not have to become a stage show.
Baltimore was the pilot program, the clinical test site for the future of American Deep State Control. It is so dangerous that cops have to roll 10 deep to make a simple arrest and cannot go into three precincts without a tactical squad in an armored car. There is no need to incite crime in Baltimore—it is a perpetual crime continuum, a continuum of predatory disorder which has served as the model for what is to come, a test site merely 30 miles from the White-Dark Halls of Power which has served our masters well.
In the first 2 days of June, 2 Baltimore men are dead.
May saw 38 killed in 31 days. That is more than are killed in Portland annually and the cities are virtually the same in size and population numbers, with Portland having slightly less area and about 10% more people.
2020 has thus far seen 129 killed and the season for killing is just dawning. It has been unseasonable cool this spring. When it gets hot, lead inoculations will be way up.
My point is, that riots are arranged by the Deep State in order to criminalize an area and institute anarcho-tyranny.
One can see by the high killing rate in January and February, the dip in April and March under the Shamdemic laws and now the spiking of killings in May and June under national riot circumstances, that the pace of killing in Baltimore does reflect the national mood quite precisely. I had Bantus running from me because I was not wearing a mask—the disease freaked them out and probably surprised the disease management team when the narrative of it being engineered to kill Bantus caught on and they slowed down their ghost hunt. Therefore, they had to be remobilized by the great awakening of Floyd's Crucifixion.
Anarcho-Tyranny is still a developing system of control and such bumps in the road can be expected until we are finally all locked-down in our assigned consumption pods.
Once crime has been kick-started and criminals emboldened, their activity will be underreported, denied, excused and mischaracterized by law enforcement and media.
The Baltimore Riots and Purge deputized every Bantu in Baltimore to hunt me with legal sanction and they did until I evacuated.
Portland and all of these other crime-deprived cities are being targeted for unrest by the government in order to more fully enforce Shamdemic lock-down, bring in curfews, cut mass transit, militarize policing, federalize policing and justify the massive wave of ebony on ivory crime that will result from this. This week has seen the national knighthood ceremony in which Bantu warriors are now deputized to hunt guilty ghosts and the guilty ghosts will take the knee—will submit to their ebony God—and the Pharaoh will say, "Let it be done, let it be written."
It is the dawning of the Age of Nefarious.
Rejoice, Brother, rejoice!
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TopRamen     Jun 9, 2020

I grew up in Koch Dinkins NYC, my mom is from Baltimore and I spent a lot of time there as a youte. I also spent a year in Portland, committing thought crimes and getting dirty looks from chubby lesbians. I probably smelled like beef or something. Beautiful country but the people, their brains are infected. These cities exist in different universes. People in places like Portland have zero idea what true urban life is like in America other than what they learn in some Black Studies elective. Though I will say that NY now is soft and sheltered in the sense that you have protected areas now where the gentry can live, stroller yuppie moms and hipster girls fresh from Wellesley or just traditional urban rich, and all the threats have been neutralized. There’s an underclass, but they live way far out and usually know better than to act out outside their spheres. At some point Manhattan may get Israeli type walls, though I guess the moat works okay. Maybe Manhattan and Israel will just merge. Anschluss!

Also, just wanted to say, recently found your work and it’s helped me especially lately. Something about people from Baltimore, it’s like they’re immunized from bullshit. No AmRen charts or suburban outrage here. So.... thank you.
James     Jun 19, 2020

I am glad I was immunized by the Bantu Behavioralists of Baltimore .

Hope you are thriving wherever you are surviving.
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