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Texas Retirement System?
Techtarded Crackpot Likes and Tries to Find the Hwhytes
As Miguel Biscotti, Puerto Rican rum runner who now transports hookers across state lines, drove me back from New York to Pennsylvania in his Silver Beamer, he said to me, “Not only are we breaking the law by speeding—but we’re breaking thought crime laws yet to be written by listening to TRS.
Go figure, that when I give some savage spic boxing lessons in return for a ride out of Gotham that he turns out to be a Puerto Rican White Nationalist! Is that even allowed?
In any case, he tuned in to a show called the Hwytes, I think. It is like white with the H pronounced first. I very much liked the conversation between the two very young fellows and recognized the voice of the man reading a litany of insane social justice pronouncements from a university confessor as a nice young fellow that came to Megan’s apartment in December 2018 and fixed my computer—well, not that it was broken, but its operator was retarded—I determined to get online and get a link to their memorial day podcast to promote it in this article.
What I found was an article on Texas Retirement System, a white printer, a picture of a bunch of mixed race babes and a Switchipedia article on TRS being Neo-Nazi. I may be naive, but I got more of an Autistic let’s build muscles too, vibe from this pair of straight-edge nimbus brained men.
Biofascism, I guess, might be somewhat Naziish, but since I know hippie potheads who are regarded as fascists for not wanting to cut their own dicks off, I’m not too worried that these fellows—whose names I can’t remember, I mean the one fellow has three, at least and I have advanced brain damage—putting me in a pair of snappy boots and sending me to die on the Russian Steppes…
I particularly liked the reading of comments from previous shows and most of all the spirit of elitist self-improvement. As a white trash goon I’d feel better about the world if some big-brained yetis actually started walking onto the cruel stage of life with the snobbery deserving of their station. I mean, these guys read, placing them in the top 1% of American minds. And they are also Christians, which makes them an endangered species and that is cool. Imagine if you will, a race of large-brained apes, being hunted to extinction by a race of small-brained apes, at the command of a race of large-brained apes.
No, that is ridiculous—I’m not writing that science-fiction story. Suspension of disbelief will be too difficult. Forget it. But, don’t forget the H-wytes and perhaps you can actually find them in the ether.
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PeepeepoopooJun 11, 2020

What do you think of this huwyte barbarian?
responds:Jun 19, 2020

Just posted a response on the site.

Thanks, bro.
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