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Words to Strive By
Thucydides’ Ghost Rattling in the Semantic Machine
© 2020 James LaFond
I will be offline and unable to advise readers on methods of surviving the current thought and race purge and am moved to leave a couple guides to survive according to clear concepts. This is done in the spirit of Thucydides, an ancient man who did not survive the culture war and social implosion—the civil war—of his own age. He noted that the first casualty of revolution is the word, that words have their meanings twisted and distorted. So, I will focus on a few words.
Right is a fantastical concept that only has meaning and relevance on the supra-human scale. Right has no relation to the individual as an actionist or arbiter. What is right is imposed on us by social systems. What is ultimately right is imposed upon societies by God, and thus a society with an ethos opposed to the cosmos, or dynamic reality, or God, will be punished by Same and fall.
If you have a sense of ultimate right, if you are a soul in this meat-puppet locker, then keep that to yourself and operate according to what society says is right. Society only wants you to speak up so you can be identified as an enemy. Take the plague hint and wear a moral mask as well.
Wrong is not something you can defeat.
Wrong is where you live, this evil world that is dedicated to your destruction.
Wrong is operational reality.
Study it.
You can no more defeat it than you can level a mountain. You just need to figure out how to climb or go around the mountain.
Rights are the most toxic and delusion fantasies in the American mind twist.
A right is a promise by someone you do not know and cannot trust, to use massive and lethal force to insure your privilege.
In America, these fantasy privileges typically have had no actual relation to reality in my lifetime.
All privileges weaken the privileged. So as sissies and whiners cry about having their privileges reassigned to those who hate them, they have been given the gift of strife, because rights rot the soul.
Did karate survive contact with MMA?
Because karate promised that the fighter could avoid being struck in the face, and training was done in this way, barring facial contact. Hence, the karate man rarely survived contact with reality, in the cage or on the street.
The Bill of Rights was nothing but karate for the soul, the promise of privilege without suffering.
Should is the most feminizing word in the English language.
Don’t use it lest it corrupt your thinking.
Overall, please remember that America is and always has been, the war of ideology, of fantasy, against reality.
That has not changed.
We actually believe the following:
That only Africans were enslaved to build this nation.
Yet, the roughly 400,000 Africans sold out of their homeland into English-speaking North America became 4 million at emancipation [1865], compared to the roughly 4 million Europeans who were sold into bondage in this same place, and became 2 million by emancipation [1804], over a slightly offset 200 year period. Since 2016, it has been my contention that any nation founded upon such obvious and pervasive lies cannot stand.
Reality remains the same, that police were designed to keep palefaces from defending themselves from others, and are now not needed due to 95% Shamdemic compliance in the recent System Test. Those Africans—most brought in between 1677 and 1740—were brought here by rich Europeans to displace the poor paleface Americans who had run off the plantations and were trying to build lives in the original exurbs. The African American purpose never changed in the eye of The Machine. This is why we were weaned on lies, so that the final implementation of this 400-year long population replacement scheme would come as a surprise.
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miforest     Jun 8, 2020

great insight james
    Jun 19, 2020

Hope something useful is in there.

Thanks for the kind words.
nc     Jun 10, 2020

Might makes right!
MSTR Miu     Jun 12, 2020

Brutal and without fluff. Me likey.

Appreciated, ser ⛎
    Jun 19, 2020

Thank you Sir.
LJ Silver     Jun 15, 2020

James - could you post a reference or references to the 4 million European "indentured" becoming 2 million by 1804?
    Jun 19, 2020

It is on the patreon page in an extensive article and will appear in American Spartacus next year.

Raw numbers: 400,000 Africans shipped, 330,000 survived, became 8 million by emancipation

4 million Euros shipped, 3 million survived to be enslaved and became 2.2 million by the first census with was really in the 1780s, exactly 200 years in.

The Africans were mixed-gender breeders.

the Euros were mostly "white trash" male orphans.

Same basic conditions.
SidVic     Jun 19, 2020

What a time to be alive! It will almost be a relief when the serious killing commences. Probaly live to regret that sentiment.
    Jun 19, 2020

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