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‘On a Dime’
I’m doing fine Mister LaFond. I’m glad you’re safe down there [Baltimore] because they sent all the troublemaker thugs up here [city redacted].
I am working a lot of overtime. Work 10-hours, take an hour off and back at it. I’m hoping for a buyout. They don’t want us and won’t let us do our job.
The fix is definitely in. My fellow officers here, they are cave men and they don’t see it. But it is obvious from my perspective. They—the higher ups—they took this truck and turned it on a dime, which you know is impossible if the rules of physics apply. But the rules of physics were suspended by some force. They went from violent protests to peaceful protests just like that and the higher ups, my bosses, are in perfect agreement with the rioters.
We have to stand here and watch as these rich Antifa white boys hand out cash to these street thugs and then assign them to do this or that. One thing is we are not allowed to stop them from painting the streets. That is now an agreed upon civic activity. We see some working people who are angry and idealistic. But these are mostly bought and paid for professional agitators mixed with the worst kind of criminal scum. I guarantee some of your thugs from Baltimore have caravanned up here to get in on the payday. We can actually see the money changing hands in the street. Yet you will not see these exchanges on the news.
A fellow officer from [a federal agency] warned me that the fix was in. I think this is about establishing federal law enforcement by discrediting and overwhelming local police, in other words, police who might have the potential to care about the community, not that that is always the case by a long shot. But the potential is there.
So, I see an eventual demotion to public safety officer, without a gun, writing citations and taking complaints and conducting moderation. When shit needs to be done that will be federal, state level maybe, who knows, but someone who can’t be investigated locally.
If they offer a buyout I’m taking it. Let me give you an example of how bad it is. If I use any type of neck hold, whether it is a choke or not, that is a felony—I’m a felon. This basically means that we need multiple officers on a suspect to even facilitate it. Then, we are being told, that applying pressure to the diaphragm—understood and generalized to being the chest, because you have to understand that non-physical people will be charging, arguing and judging use of force in court—then that is a Class A Misdemeanor. These are things that we are being warned about, that are in the works. Who knows how it will wash out? But imagine if I cannot apply pressure to your chest. That means that I can’t press you against a car, a wall or the floor in order to cuff you. Think about that. We can’t cuff you on your back. So, we will need to stabilize you somehow on your side to cuff you, which is going to maybe injure a shoulder and if you flop over on your chest, we are now all guilty of applying pressure to your diaphragm. The long and short is it will take at least three guys to cuff you and it can go wrong in many ways. Imagine if the fourth guy is trying to keep your head from hitting the pavement while we are trying to cuff you on your side and that becomes construed as a choke.
It’s plane that the higher ups want it to be impossible for us to effectively do our jobs. Think about that, how they turned that truck on a dime. This is some high level organization and the thugs on the streets are acting in perfect cooperation with the higher ups—as, if, they get the new rules of engagement before we do!
-Anonymous City Police Officer
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MatteusJul 9, 2020

Solzhenitsyn wrote that demonization of the police was one of the preparatory acts of the Bolshevik revolution.

Arguing about whether this will be more like the French or Russian or Chinese revolution, or the Spanish or Italian civil war, is pointless. All were bloodbaths. All involved destruction and murder of "normal" society.

"You may not believe in ghost stories, but you'd better're in one!"
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