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Flexing the New Pigment Paradigm—You Mixed Dudes Might Be Down with the Cause But is the Cause Down wiith You?
Trenton, New Jersey, 6/14/20
Charlie was on the bus to work at a medical center when he sneezed. He had a mask on. Then, after sneezing, he cleared the mask and used a tissue to wipe his face and was assaulted.
What we are describing here is legally definable assault.
A dark-skinned dude started tripping on Charlie, who is a light-skinned dude. The man was accusing him of having the Dread Minus and appeared to be an Islander, a West Indian of darksome hue. He was sitting across from him on the parallel seats and was berating him for taking the bus when “you got dat shit!.”
The man went on for eight minutes, assaulting him verbally for being on the bus.
Finally, after 9 minutes, Charlie, a smaller, slighter fellow, said, “Fuck you!”
The guy “did the same thing blacks always do when they are not kneeled to,” and said “What!?”
Charlie repeated, “Fuck you!”
The dude got real agitated, started yelling and screaming and pulled out a curvy-looking knife. The people in the nearby seats got up and “cleared out and made distance.”
Then the guy continued to threaten him with the brandished weapon and Charlie just sat there calmly looking at the guy, making an emasculating statement, saying to the fiend, “What are you gonna do?”
Charlie lives a miserable life working double-shifts at a ghetto hospital where he is constantly threatened by others of African Ascent. He “does not care,” and is essentially far beyond social suicide. He knows the world hates him as a man of mixed race with European standards of behavior, nothing but enemies all around. He has been being attacked by ebony martyrs since childhood when he grew up in New York.
The West Indian guy just kept, “wolfing, and stood up,” and a third man, who did not have a mask on, got up, went over to the knife man and said, “Chill, man, chill. He ain’t worth it. You know how these white people are.”
The man then pocketed his knife and glared and was still talking shit, soon off-loading the bus. The man then banged on the window from the outside and took his knife out and dragged it along the window threatening to knife Charlie at a later date.
Charlie was served quite a shock when he discovered that in the age of the Ebony God, he, being half-African, is now regarded as white. This “was the second time I’ve been called white…about a year ago when a patient in the hospital who was mad at me and accused me of mistreating him because I was white.”
His black supervisor then looked at the patient with an expression that said, “nigga, are you stupid—can’t you see he’s black?”
Might his mean eventual trouble for the Mulatto Mafia?
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Don QoutaysJul 11, 2020

Eyewitness accounts in the 92 Los Angeles street party described light skinned blacks (LSB) being dragged out of cars and beaten by their darker cousins.

So I would expect LSBs who hold middle class values to align with similar whites. Or at least to try to.

IMHO, the coming festivities will be values based as much as race based.
responds:Jul 14, 2020

mixed0race hate gives eternal...
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