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Unbowed Completed
Notes on Fractional Autonomy Under the New Gods: 8/17-25 In Year One of the Advent of the Mask
© 2020 James LaFond
21,385 words over 120 pages in Arial 12 point.
As the author, a wandering hobo who somehow predicted a host of evils which have since come to pass, sat at the table of his host at a meal of corned beef hash and eggs generously heaped, he was asked a question of some gravity. His host was a man with a growing, extended, family, most of whom are frails, who wanted to know, “What comes next?”
The author wryly answered, “Hopefully Phillip K. Dick will finally awaken from this acid trip and write us into the novel so that we can rest in peace as figments of his shattered imagination.”
The following book is this hobo habitant’s attempt to answer that question in a more fitting way by posing potential developments within our currently imploding social matrix and possible coping mechanisms.
Preface 5
Church Lady at Twilight 7
The Blizzard 8
Lords of Cuckistan 11
Lords of Cuckistan Note 14
‘A Therapeutic Society’ 15
Crying Dog 18
My Nickel a Month 25
Five Directions of the World 28
Orthodoxy and Blasphemy 37
Getting Chipped 54
‘Who Wants a Cookie!’ 66
Pixelated Dogs and A. I. Gods 77
An Email from T-Rex 84
Hurtling into the Abyss 87
In the Garden of Should 107
Demos and Derangement 111
Going Wolf 116
Berry to Syrup 118
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A Science-Haunted World Completed
menthol rampage
winter of a fighting life
broken dance
your trojan whorse
yusef of the dusk
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