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More Waking Up in Indian Country
On Bitchute with the Myth of the 20th Century
Adam Smith
2:51 AM (10 hours ago)
And the BitChute video is finally up for what it's worth:
James LaFond - Waking Up in Indian Country (Myth20c - Ep184)
If the events of 2020 have had a common theme, it is there is nowhere to hide. If the plague doesn’t get you, the riots will, followed by a helpful dose of economic displacement and firestorms from 20,000 simultaneous lightning strikes as seen in California recently.
People are already loving to hear you're back:
"He is one of the most interesting men I have listened to and I hope I get to share a beer on Amtrak with him."
-Unity Ostara
"Incredible episode great job guys."
-Bobby 'The Brain' Guiscard
"The LaFond episodes are always great. He's one of a kind."
-Von Elder
I talked with Nick, Adam and Hans after the podcast and we should do one on the book that inspired their standout series of investigations, hopefully by the end of the year.
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