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Bashed and Gashed
Profiles in Kinetic Inclusion, Conservative Delusion and Gash Intrusion
© 2020 James LaFond
Thanks to Glasgow Ned and C8 for these videos, which my computer can now magically view on the twatter feed.
In the video below we see a young, short, asphalt ape trotting with a brick up behind a waddling boomer walrus and bricking him in the head.
What is the conservative response:
“The thugs are running wild in Democrat cities. Buy a gun. Become well-versed in self-defense laws. Learn to use your weapon with proficiency. Learn gun safety. Take America back.”
-So says some cuոt movie actor
How does that hypothetic gun help that big, fat piece of waddling shit while he is unconscious on the pavement?
Look, that brick was too unwieldy for a good weapon. If aware and fit, the large man should have stepped in behind a high left hand over the brick shoulder and thrust his sausage fingers into the unblinking eyes of his hunter.
But no, the gun is the magic wand of latter day fantasists.
Oh, in Baltimore, if a gun was used, than the gunman is the bad guy and will be arrested by the police, which is nothing new. There are separate felony charges for carrying a gun, discharging it and even for how many bullets are in it! You want to take that America back?
Fuck you, Rich man. You take it back.
Most of those laws are state laws and Maryland has had numerous Republican governors.
Also, keep in mind, to beat the charges in Maryland, all the brick man has to do is claim that the victim previously uttered “the N-word” and the jury will acquit. Also, using a gun against a brick is a violation of the Chuck Norris Rule!
Numerous Dindu hordesmen have tried these sneak attacks on me and have aborted as soon as I proved aware and filled my hand, and in recent years have called the police on me.
You want to take that America back?
Fuck that.
In the following video one paleface ape fights three ebon warriors to a draw. He doesn’t even show much skill. He is just physically and mentally superior to his foes. This is why in 1968 the federal government made what this man did a hate crime, because it is too easy. Some three hundred years ago, the Whiteman brought his Sub-Saharan dogs to these shores to hunt us feral paleface apes down and drive us from our dens, and the Whiteman does not take kindly to us fighting back against his dogs, be they blick or blew.
Below notice the stupid cuոt ivory gottess getting this paleface in a fight with three ebon warriors and then insisting on inserting herself back into the fray which he was handling fine, walking out into traffic and hopefully putting an enemy under some passing wheels. Note how the stupid gash gets in the way of her man taking care of his business and provides a post [her shoulder] for the Basketball American to launch a shuffle-man punch and initiate the swarm.
If your gash does this, shove her into their feet and then punch over her, then when one goes down leap high in the air and come down with both feet on his bird-bone chest. Our hero might also have punched his own bitch first, right in the back of the head and used her body for an obstruction. A good resolution would have been for this stupid cuոt to get knocked the fuck out!
In a perfect world he would have stabbed two of these turds and then slapped her to the ground and used her weeping body as an altar to place his enemies on for heart extraction and raising those dripping wan pumps to the Grey God, as he stood heroically on her neck.
This is why walking with a bitch is always a mistake. This was classic 3-on-1-with-baggage.
Why do I say she caused this?
Because they did not attack her. They wanted to humiliate him in front of her and she assisted by way of insisting that her vaginal authority trumped the actual authority of his fists not once, but twice.
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son of a lesser god
Collins     Sep 1, 2020

Regarding that first video and street awareness, I think the victim might have failed to use an excellent opportunity to look all around: the street crossing, and crosswalk survey opportunity.

To explain my opinion, in my experience one of the psychological ‘blockages’ or self conscious hang-ups that used to keep me from looking around more was a misguided fear that _being seen_ to look around would make me appear fearful, weak or looking for trouble or some bad combination of those.

I have been cured of much of this in part thanks to the scofflaw habits of local Central American and East Asian delivery bicyclists who obey neither one way signs or sidewalk ordinances in their zeal to provide efficient food delivery. So now my head swivels all around when crossing the street. Cause who knows what’s coming?

So, even if you are not in the habit of checking all around on a five or ten step count while on a sheltered sidewalk straightaway, you might at least plausibly look all around while crossing a street, right? Which I’m guessing this guy didn’t do.
James     Sep 1, 2020

Head on a swivel is the law of the jungle.

The jungle is here.
Bryce Sharper     Sep 3, 2020

"How does that hypothetic gun help that big, fat piece of waddling shit while he is unconscious on the pavement?"

He could've stroked it for comfort on the gurney, if he wasn't a drooling vegetable.

I try to explain "Left of Bang" concepts and the benefits of being a dude who's just willing to fight to so many right-wingers who just want to talk about MUH GUN. Meanwhile, the Left has changed the laws and gotten Karen elected as DA in almost every municipality to the point where if you use your gun outside your home, you're going to jail. Look what's happening to St. Kyle of Kenosha right now.

The other point is - and you can see this in gun training videos - most encounters take place at less than 7 yards where a knife or some other tool is better and more lethal. Why are these encounters taking place at such close range? The assailant used ambush and surprise, which negates the firepower of the victim. H. John Poole makes the case for surprise in all of his books on tactics. If firepower were that important, why haven't we won any wars since 1945?

If conservatives really want to make a difference, get involved in local politics. Most will be amazed at the Swamp in their own backyards. Stop focusing on guns which are the distraction the Left wants you to focus on.
James     Sep 7, 2020

Left of Bang is too far out of Utopia.

Wow, 1945, my dad was a toddler...
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