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Rage against the Yeti
Nero the Pict on the Mystery Meat Strip
© 2020 James LaFond
Related to a listener who was drinking too much for too long on a Baltimore County, MD porch with two other members of the target race. All errors in transcription are the fault of the bleached-out monkey typing this three days later.
Nero was heading into a small Pennsylvania town of teaming diversity, a town dripping with attained morality, where firefighters resurrect opiate zombies instead of fighting fires and cucked cops report blue-haired, nose-pierced NGO rioters as “white supremacists.”
Recently a friend of ours was actually threatened by toddlers on the street for the crime of being descended from European refugees, the pallid glow of his skin radiating an aura of evil that even those of innocent years can detect from across the street.
The indistinct ethnicity of the other motorist was never determined by Nero, for he was not at all worried about such things. He just wanted to get home with his groceries after a long day at work.
This other motorist, seemingly a decade younger and representing the ascendant morality of the third elevation of the Hip Hop generations, began aggressively driving around Nero in an interfering way so that the King of Pictom, alone in his white trash chariot, simply stopped his car to let the other pass, and this was seen as a challenge as the tweaked out twerp raged at him.
Determined not to “let this asshole follow me home,” Nero decided on combat, checked the steel tool on his passenger seat and voiced a challenge to post-industrial duel and the chicken-shit rabbited off into the asphalt, concrete and brick warrens of the world’s most emasculated livestock—the American, born to become what he came out of.
Nero said, “I know it was stupid on a couple of levels. But I’m just done with this shit. I get eye-fucked by wingnuts everywhere I go and the entire world around me has become fake, gay and phony. I’m not kneeling. I’m just not. I grew up poor listening to the girl next store get beat by her drunken piece-of-shit father every day. I refuse to be the abused child of this sick fucking society.”
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