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‘What’s Up With The Fires?’
Brit from Baltimore wants to Know Why the West is On Fire
© 2020 James LaFond
Well, Brit, the news is playing up fires as a side-effect of manmade global warming, which resonates with the idiot American Ape because we associate heat with fire.
August was exceptionally hot out here in Utah.
My train was delayed and rerouted through Wyoming because of fires in Colorado.
This is a mountain desert, it is always dry by eastern standards.
There are also the fires in the three coastal states, where I have friends and will soon be passing through and even staying in.
I have hiked in many places in Utah and can tell you that National Forest land is a firestorm waiting to happen. It is almost impossible to traverse many areas as the deadfalls—titanic, dried, mountain driftwood—are so thick that it is like being a little foot in the Big Foot Hurdling competition at the Intergalactic Olympics.
I have been in the Rockies for 4 Septembers now, and have seen a few forest fires each time.
Driving on a road can cause a forest fire, as the brush, including various types of grass such as rabbit brush, broom, and sage brush, which is oily and lights easily, can be sparked by automobile traffic, which increases from tourism and trucking in the end of summer, the driest season. If a trucker dragging a chain can spark a forest fire, like happened here in Summit County last August, then some creep with a car and a lighter, need only pull over to start a forest fire, people have seen doing this here, in Summit County, recently. The brush and grass is dry by the road and standing, and ascends the mountain, with the roads being on the bottom, then gives way to scrub oak, stunted maple and aspen [which burns fast and hot] and finally to the torch-shaped and pitch-filled evergreen at the top. It’s God’s fireworks array, ready to ignite.
There is also beetle kill, a blight, caused by a beetle, that is only killed by forest fires, which has turned a third of the Uinta Forest into standing torches, dead, standing pines waiting to take light.
There is also undergrowth which is traditionally kept down by animals browsing it. Cattle have replaced much of the elk and all of the bison and most moose in this task, and the National Forest Service rarely lets cattlemen graze their cattle in what they call a pristine habitat, which is really something that is an artificial creation of Modernity as forest fires are not permitted to cleanse the beetle blight ad undergrowth, because rich fuckers have bought bugout and vacation homes up against public lands and wield much influence.
The wild rose and aspen, for instance, stay under ground and serve as pioneer plants after a fire.
The Amerindians of the Eastern Woodlands practiced controlled burning, to manage their habitat. Our government usually does not permit it, so distant are the nature loving elite from actual nature that they look at a desert torch and call it a paradise.
Traditionally, the cause is lightning.
Lightning strikes seem to increase in a solar minimum. It is easy to see where lightning struck and then burned outward in a circle, when standing on one mountain and looking across to another.
However, this year, more than others, fires are being started by roadways and subdivisions.
A Utah weather channel, in mid-September, listed 831 manmade forest fires in Utah for 2020. Note that this was a wet year for Utah, with much snow and good spring rain. The difference is that the elite hipster lass are flocking in droves to the Rocky Mountains to escape the Queervid Jiveteen. Though most of these fires are accidents, some are arson. People in this community have seen arsonists on the road. They have been arrested and ghosted.
The Feral Bag of Idiots agency have declared that there is no arson in the west.
My sources in Oregon and Washington have told me that arson is the main cause of the unusual level of forest fires there, that authorities deny arson, refuse to punish it and release arsonists even as homeowners in Portland residential areas view and describe home security videos of arsonists lighting up their front yard.
Even if you were to buy the false anthropomorphic global warming jinni cult, isn’t it odd that a year that saw record precipitation in the West and Northwest, has seen so much fire, when the same forest conditions have lingered for decades. These forests are torches awaiting the match.
Two weeks ago I hiked on a mountain where standing deadfalls are always visible. These are dead trees that die upright after being uprooted by high wind and then stand as kindling leaning against healthy trees, surrounded by beetle kill torches, which are all pine, and pine burns hot and quick even when not dried by beetle kill.
On three hikes nowhere did I walk where I could not see beetle kill, deadfalls, standing deadfalls, all near to undergrowth parching in the annual late summer drought.
This timber could be harvested and removed.
I walk by much rich dry lumber that has been cut into logs and pry-barred off a trail to maintain hipster recreational access. The men with chainsaws get here. The old logging roads are in place. Why not let people clear the lumber?
I had lunch on the cut wheel of a wind fallen aspen 2-feet thick three weeks ago. That tree stood last year and fell over the winter and some man named T J, who initialed his cuts, made it up there and cleared the trail, but was not permitted to roll the lumber disks out of there, what could have been sold as firewood or even seats for a thematic eatery or backyard fire side.
Ironically, heavy snows, fell trees, then they dry on the forest floor and leave fuel that is not permitted to be harvested.
This all serves the global warming agenda when piped into the tiny crippled minds of the Murican Chimp in his toxic media cage.
Because fire cleanses, the elite know it, and they want to decide when the world burns, so that it can be cleansed of our unwanted taint when it best serves their interests.
Forest fires in the west have numerous causes, but their severity is entirely government made. Entire mountains out here are home to vast armies of standing dead trees, grey as far as the eye can see, awaiting a spark in a country which has been burning its own cities for half a year and will soon go into convulsions over the coming Hesitantial Contention.
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Shep     Oct 2, 2020

Sabotage? What sabotage?

Since I am not a coincidence theorist, it seems logical to me that Antifa shifted its pyromaniac focus from the cities to the countryside when things got too hot (heh!) for them in Portland. If I was their Commissar, that's what I'd do, since the fires are in the TradCon countryside and would cause the most personal loss and demoralization to the Deplorables.
    Oct 2, 2020

My tin foil hat is humming!

T-Rex     Oct 3, 2020

That thought has crossed my mind as well. Revenge against the rural whites.
    Oct 3, 2020

That would be the best operational move if we are talking ideological-economic warfare.
Shep     Oct 9, 2020
Denise Heupel     Oct 14, 2020

The Communists back in the 60's planned to burn the US to demoralize us and I believe that's the reason all that forest fuel has been left behind under the guise of environmentalism.

The Black Hills does burn some if it's slash piles, usually in the winter, and advocates landowners to remove underbrush around their homesteads, but we are a Conservative state.
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