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Sneak Thief Policing
How Deep State Agencies Will Come to Rule America Directly from Mordor on the Potomac
© 2020 James LaFond
This is pretty simple.
Federal agents are telling local cops to run for cover because they will not be bailing them out and that their governors and mayors and police chiefs will throw them under the bus.
In the meantime, federal police are directing local police work in historically violent Baltimore City and Baltimore County, where violence against regular civilians is plummeting.
The feds are also busy protecting certain federal targets like courthouses and immigration centers from NGO mobs.
In the end, whichever political thread ends up in power in Mordor, in the wake of the failure of municipal police forces to protect local businesses, the Deep State law agencies will make their various pitches for additional funding and expansion of police powers, in such a way as to make it palatable to those in power—which means salable to their constituents in the demos and their masters in the oligarchy.
There will be some exceptions.
In cities resistant to federal policing under any guise, NGOs will be deputized and/or granted defacto police powers such as were enjoyed by BLM in 2015 Baltimore, authorized by the BPD to control traffic and backed up by that’s same police force making arrests on BLM behalf, and in Portland, where Antifa has been granted traffic control numerous times. Sharia and NARCO militias will be granted such powers in select municipalities.
Sates whose governors are resistant to federal policing will expand the prevue, reach and budget of State Police, partly under the guise of enforcing plague and social distancing edicts.
People may complain that emergency ordinances are not laws according to the fantastical and utopian documents crafted at the foundation of this nation. However, such ideological people will have to argue their cases from behind bars. Military Contractors will be used to augment all levels of adjusted policing as the oligarchy decides what segments of American society are going to be left at the mercy of the mob and which elites will be granted protection by the various paramilitary forces.
In such a dynamic period of adjustment, those people who insist on believing in the Constitution will increasingly find themselves targeted by NGOs. Deep State and MC forces and those who consume audio-visual media on the Left and Right will be sucked into the firestorm of fantastical hysteria.
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