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More Racism
Is it True That Ebony Babes Stock Grocery Shelves?
Lynn Lockhart
Mon, Oct 5, 5:14 PM (7 hours ago)
Joe Biden says black queens have been stocking grocery shelves. I say men stock shelves and melanation reflects the local labor pool. What does the Ghetto Grocer say?

Miss Lockhart, I actually saw this video clip on youtube.
As a guy who may have never shopped in a supermarket and certainly never worked in one, it seems that Uncle Joe is relying in the images of Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Butterworth and once again forming and expressing a negative opinion of his staunchest constituents.
In Baltimore City, 12.5% of people are ivory men.
We used to make up 98% of the night clerks, who are the people who stock 90% of the goods sold. Now we make up about 75%
The majority of employees in any supermarket are paleface wenches, who make up about half of the department managers, and most of the cashiers who do not get fired for stealing or fighting with female customers. I would typically lose an ebony cashier each month because she either threatened to beat up a customer or got caught stealing by my African security guard.
Now, in Baltimore County, with more ivory than ebony customers, you are beginning to see a higher proportion of ebony workers, because the brat spawn of the middle class ivories do not stoop so low as to work in a grocery store and ebony babes escaping the hell-scape of the city will work whatever job they can—pretty much doing, everything in a supermarket but stock shelves, work produce and cut meat.
I have worked with around a thousand clerks and only one was an ebony, female night clerk. Her name was Denise, but we called her Dennis because she looked like Mike Tyson and she was having sex with more white women than the rest of the crew combined—and we were quite amazed at their high quality. A different one dropped her off every night. Dennis was a fine clerk. She did not suffer from the same barrier to stocking shelves that every other ebony babe in retail food does—2-inch fake designer fingernails which cost a week's pay per month to maintain.
In 65% majority ebony Baltimore, 20-50% of a given supermarket staff will be African Americans, and they dominate security and cake decoration, make up about half of the front end cashiering staff, about a quarter of the night crew, and will typically have a representative in the meat room, seafood and the deli. They rarely touch dairy and in 38 years I have only known five brothers to work frozen food: Big Lawrence, Big Brandon, Curtis, Mike Rosary and Mumblejack.
Biden also claimed that Latinos work a lot of groceries. I have only seen this in Latino markets. The language is a real barrier to working inventory. I used to tell my lazy night clerks, "If they go to mandatory bilingual product labels I'm replacing you guys with Mexicans." In the supermarket business, Latinos dominate floor tech slots, which is a night crew job shining up the filthy floor so that the stupid American customers will think its clean.
Uncle Joe needs a tutorial on mask wearing. His mask kept slipping below his nose.
In light of the fact that Biden told an African American journalist that he would define who was black based on their vote, one cannot really expect that he would imagine the denizens of his plantation of the mind as being capable of any job better than stocking groceries.
Actually, we are on the cusp of having our first bald-faced racist president since LBJ, with a vice president who once had a passion for locking up black men!
Phil, wake up!
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