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Enemy at the Door?
How many bucks to spend on an apocalypse last stand knife? Viking Age Barbarian Asks
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Question: How many bucks to spend on an apocalypse last stand knife?
Thu, Oct 8, 11:11 PM (10 days ago)
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-Viking Age Barbarian

Sir, my Western bowie knife is the best blade I ever had, cut down trees, cut rocks in half and served me until age 55 when I had to give it away. It cost $40 in 1978. I don't know what that adjusts to now, maybe $150?
My favorite recent blade, which a host permits me to use for chores, is a little larger than the knife category, is the Kershaw machete, a very knife-like machete with a good point.
Personally, in these times, I would opt with what the Bowie is based on, the butcher knife. If I had a home to defend, I think a handful of cheap, full-tang Chinese butcher knives placed behind choke points would serve well and be much less expensive.

And just in case you are living Down Under and was thinking of getting a toy gun for home defense—think again.
Toy guns now banned in the anarcho-tyranny.

Sir, the Construct will not leave gun ownership alone ever. The idea is corrosive to the System, more than any actual danger to its human inmates.
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by this axe!
Sam J.     Oct 21, 2020

I'm going to show you the best

"plausible deniability" home defense weapon possible. A long handled sharpshooter. Also called a drain spade. It's used to dig in trenches. Forget paying $40 for a Bowie knife you have to get close to use. Pay $40 bucks for a good one of these. You could put one of these in your car with maybe a hard hat beside it and no one would question you having it there.

Get the long handle in fiberglass. Wood is too weak. Sharpen the end and jab the shit out of someones neck or head.

To make more effective but lose some deniability of it as a weapon you can first grind off the bent over step where you put your foot to shovel it into the ground and sharpen. People who are not familiar with these sort of tools would not notice that the foot step was gone and only a sharp flat edge remained. Here's a picture of one with the foot shown that you need to grind off but this is the short one. Get the long 60" one.

This is a better picture. See how the blade is straight. Some are bent. No good. this is the shit here.

Even further would be to cut the foot step off at an angle and sharpen. The uber coup d'état killer would be to grind off the foot step, drill holes through the handle on the bottom and epoxy concrete nails in it so any grasping would shred the hands. Make sure it's concrete nails as they are hardened and won't bend.

Plumbers buy cheap short ones, cut out the wooden handles and throw them away. They weld in rigid steel pipe for handles. Sometimes adding lead or shot for weight.

If anyone ask what it's for you could tell them you have a rabid wolverine problem and you need it to drive them off.
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