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Completed By Gaslight
The Nine Quixotic Crimes of Alias Dox and Tones
© 2020 James LaFond
The book comes in at 21,347 words over 114 pages and was written as real time and place scenes, only the action engaged in by the fictional characters was divergent from the real life activities of the weird fellows the protagonists are based on.
I blew up my carpel tunnel finishing this, so won't complete another book until December.

Dust Cover
1868, Argentina:
Captain Richard F. Burton, intrepid secret agent, mesmerist, occult scholar, undefeated swordsmen, fierce intellectual and famed explorer is known to have disappeared into the wilds of South America from September 1868 until March 1869 with two mysterious adventurers, and uncharacteristically left no written account.
Friday, November 27, 2020, Portland, Oregon:
Two homeless men, squatting in an Air B&B in Southeast, Portland, are apprehended by United States Marshalls serving a federal warrant for human trafficking. The two men were not named in the warrant, but, as seven heads were found smoking over the wood stove, the two men, with no identification and their fingerprints and swabs appearing in no law enforcement database, were taken into custody and held for questioning.
What follows is their account of their strange appearance and their crimes against humanity.

Table of Contents
1 Mesmerist 7
2 Dox 13
3 The Bridge 19
4 Tones 25
5 Moon Crow Scene 1 33
Moon Crow Scene 2 38
6 Tent of Shadows 43
7 Gunshots 50
8 Vats of the Goddess 56
9 Highway Men Again 64
10 Mountain of Madness 70
11 Air B & B 74
12 Doctor Vinay Joshimeans 80
13 A Pocket Watch 82
Nonfiction Written During Composition of By Gaslight 85
‘What Inspires You’ 85
‘What about Our Library of Alexandria?’ 89
‘To Remove the Word’ 94
An Overton Railroad Draft 98
The Four Ugliest Books of 2020! 100
‘The Buckler’ 103
By Gaslight 106
Alchemical Idocracy 107
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