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Brian is Still Going Strong
A Mind Still Investigating Harm City
A few years ago Brian Jewell and I sparred at a boxing clinic run by Arturo Gabriel and found a few commonalities, one being that he is bitten by the graphomania bug. Here is an update and link to his latest work.

A Christmas Blog
Brian Jewell
Tue, Dec 15, 12:40 PM (1 day ago)
I've written a blog on the Christmas Spirit. It isn't anything earth shattering, but I like it well enough. I'm almost finished a new book called Life Lessons Learned Through Sparring. It should be finished I'm predicting by the end of this month. It will probably end up being less than a hundred pages.
I do plan to take your advice about placing my stories in the work place when I get to my fiction writing. Before that though I do have one more non-fiction book that I'm working on that will include some work place stories from times I've worked in security. This one is titled, Musings On Muggings and Other Violent Inconveniences. It is basically a collection of altercations I've had throughout my life. It was inspired by your violence project. Three of the recollections are from walking across the 702 Bridge in Essex in my late teens and early twenties.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to an honest review of that one once it has been completed. I'm still working on Poet, but enjoying it quite thoroughly.

Brian, everyone in Essex has a story about the 702 Bridge. Your home precinct there is the case study for migratory anarcho-tyranny in Maryland, more so than Baltimore City itself. I would focus the book on that bridge thematically and limit the content to aggression in Essex and by residents of Essex working elsewhere, as your commute is very dangerous, with half of my 20 violent encounters in 2017 coming during that process. Essex is literally the bridge between Baltimore crime and the rest of the state.
Get a pic of that damned bridge and use it for the cover.
Good luck and say hi to your Wife [won't use her name here] and that the lady that had lunch with us last judiciously dumped me.
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BrianJan 1, 2021

Thanks for the advice. I'll probably do that sometime in the near future. I've already written half of Mussing On Muggings though. It's been one of those odd experiences where everything just wants to come pouring out of me. I'm on the 702 Chapters now and I quoted the advice you gave above. Hope you don't mind. I'll send you the PDF when I'm finished for your final approval. (BTW I found The Cutting Edge on here for $12. Did you they are selling on a Amazon for between $60 an $90?)
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