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‘A Kind of Externalized Conscience’
Psychic Dictatorship in the U. S. A. by Alex Constantine, Feral House, 1995, 221 pages
© 2020 James LaFond
This first of three sections of this disturbing book is titled Telemetric Mind Control and has two chapters:
-1. Hearing Voices
-2. Blue Smoke & Lazers
The fact that Regan’s Star Wars program, so lauded by the Right and sneered at by the Left, was actually a centrist initiative to set up a phony front for black ops mind control funding, is an excellent example of the art of infamy, by which two lies are proposed for argument among the duped masses to forever obscure the reality crafted to bind them all in the squabbling dark.
The largest and best section of the book has 7 chapters and is titled CIA, Satanism & Cult Abuse of Children
The Final and weakest section of the book is titled The CIA’s Black Budget & Domestic Operations.
That final portion was the author’s safety valve, where the author, knowingly or not, protected himself from extermination by claiming, in 1995, just as the evil Deep State reversed polarity, in which he declared, like the dissident Right of today, that only his political opposites engage in media mind control, and that they did so to further political agendas of either the Left or Right. The reality, which if he had spake it he would be dead now, like so many of the Deep State murder victims he documented, like the 8 Deep State murder victims who saw a second shooter in Vegas in 2017, is that these actors serve only one ultimate end: power. So, even in his detailed exposure of the mind control cult and death squads operating domestically by the most evil government in human history, Alex Constantine serves it’s false polarity, feeding its dueling and obfuscating lies in their contentious orbital axis, that has good people arguing over which of the two lies presented to them is the truth as the monster dedicated to their digestion waxes ever stronger.
Just as Old King Shrub stepped back into the shadows, in 1992, he and his reptilian kind having terrorized and subverted the world to such a degree that they had become uncomfortably visible, and handed the Creep State ball to the so-called Left, when these creatures all work the levers from the center, Constantine bought himself a long life by serving the reversal of polarity after illuminating the evil of the machine.
Whether he was duped by conditioning or has good survival instincts, or actually received a visit from a man in a suit and sunglasses, I do not blame him, but praise him. He served the System by assigning its crimes to its waning Right arm and absolving in advance the waxing Left arm. It is no more than the idiot American mind deserves, to be deceived even in illumination. The sorcery that is American State-level Mesmerism has earned the seat of power behind the phony throne for its practitioners, such as Margaret Meade and other vile actors. Likewise, in this view, the mind chattel, media slaves and voters of a sham nation richly deserving their damnation, have earned it.
If 10% of what Constantine alleges in this book about academic, medical, law enforcement, political, religious and media corruption is true, then we never had a chance. The well footnoted book, citing long forgotten studies, interviews, articles and books, published in 1995, was an excellent predictor of the School Shooting and Entertainment Venue slaughter phenomenon which would be run as a pilot program at Columbine and then unleashed as a prequel to national lockdown from 2016 through 2019. What follows are some select quotes from the author and the subjects of his study:
“Cybernetics [1] can be used in molding of a child’s character, the inculcation of knowledge and techniques, the amassing of experience, the establishment of social behavior patterns…”
-Richard Helms, media journalist and later Director of the CIA, who ordered the destruction of MKULTRA records
Note 1: Computer human interfacing, currently how school is being conducted for many American children under shamdemic edicts. Most Americans still refuse to believe that most media reports are written by Creep State composers of the narrative we meat-puppets lurch along to in our drooling daze of delusion.
“…surround the criminal with a kind of externalized conscience, an electronic substitute for social conditioning, group pressure and inner motivation.” [2]
-Joseph Myer of the DoD
Note 2: Watch any TV news cast after reading this sentence and you will know that Myer was one of the ultimate authors of that news cast, a half century and more ago.
“…we are in the same ethical and moral dilemma as the physicists in the days prior to the Manhattan Project. Those of us who work in this field see a developing potential for nearly total control of human emotional status.” [3]
-Dr. Wayne Evans, Army Institute of Environmental Medicine
Note 3: In March 2020, the vast majority of American humans became gripped with fear and hysteria to the point of absolute obedience to media oracles and the abandonment of their religious faiths among those who retained this conditioning. This event was clearly then, and stridently apparent now, a military level psychological attack upon a 350-million person nation, which met with almost 100% success.
The University of Pennsylvania, was a key node of mind control experimentation, as was UCLA and the internal colonization of the Canadian military by the U.S. intelligence apparatus.
The litany of butchered and drugged brains among U.S. service men of the 1950s and 60s, caused the CIA mind molders to move their operations out of military bases and to medical universities, Veterans Administration hospitals, inner city hospitals, mental hospitals, and, most ominously, child rape cultism among Christians, New Age circles and satanic organizations. The false memory syndrome is exposed as massive gas-lighting of raped children, who were raped according to the ancient foundational precepts of Plantation America, that children are merely economic units to be fed to the vampiric master class, little suffering things to be physically violated and emotionally digested to strengthen master class cohesion.
The litany of murdered, disappeared and imprisoned witnesses to and victims of these Creep State blackmail operations, including raped children who were later imprisoned as adults by the government for testifying as to their rape and abuse, comes right out of Plantation America, moaning across the ages, that not a single adult slave master over 300 odd years was ever punished by the Anglo-American establishment for the torture, rape and or death of a child they owned.
The economic, religious, political, academic and civic foundation of America are firmly based in child rape, exploitation and murder from 1617 through today. Seemingly unaware of this dynamic, Alex Constantine, in Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A., back in 1995, left us a brutal, clearly annotated snapshot of the actions taken by the functionaries of the soul-eating System we live under, to internally do to all of our minds what they have long done to the bodies of the most vulnerable among us—exploit, torture, rape and kill.
Thanks to my good friend—you know who you are—for the loan of this book, and sorry for dog-earing it.
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