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#5 Science-Fiction Predictions: The Face of Post-Human America: 2030-33
© 2021 James LaFond
Below are items which I perceive as System Goals. How expertly Leviathan is steered by the Cults of Control and how much native resistance and imported chaos and inevitable purge-related glitches interfere with the final anointing of the world-straddling God of Things and Lord of Thought, is a field of broad potential. A natural catastrophe, could for instance, accelerate or derail the system growth and control. What follow are the expressed penultimate desires of the Social Steerage Cults, as demonstrated repeatedly over my lifetime by their words and actions.
These things should rightly, according to the tortured duality and false polarity of the Great American Lie, be implemented or achieved in the wake of a signal executive expression:
One of three possibilities strike clear:
-1. The controlled opposition of a traditional Republican president, such as Nixon, would be a good pretext for screwing the very fools who would vote for such a candidate.
-2. An anointed candidate with impeccable demographic qualifications, such as Osauron, will usher in the final solution.
-3. A third party candidate will insure a hardline social control candidate such as Woodrow Wilson.
System Goals 2030:
-1. Operating vehicles by non-state actors, or private citizens must be eliminated or strictly licensed to insure that individual vehicles cannot be navigated by criminals in violation of travel restrictions.
-2. The conservative fear of being herded into reeducation camps will instead be realized by being atomized severely in one’s own assigned dwelling and even room, essentially making every renter and home owner a solitary inmate linked to the world remotely, educated by gaslight and subject to visiting medical and law enforcement personnel. By forcing people into their own private reeducation camp, we will at once invalidate their fears as kooky and reshape their minds.
-3. Growing food for home use must be outlawed and/or severely regulated.
-4. Documentation of some kind, something like a passport, will be required for interstate travel.
-5. Private ownership of firearms outside of State and Corporate issue, must be made strictly against the law by this point, or else ultimate control will cause a destabilizing level of friction.
-6. Subjection of innocent infants to the hazards of home birth and midwifery shall be a crime.
-7. For a Native American mother to qualify for medical facilitation of her child birth, her and her mate must graduate from a social norms course. Failure to do this will result in foster parenting of the child.
-8. Sexual assignment of infants must, at this juncture be decided by medical staff and not the parents, based on the special knowledge of said professionals and the needs of society.
-9. Indoctrination of new children shall begin under initial medical care and continue along the span of one’s life. For children born in this period, if the System has achieved its goals, education will be forever, with ongoing courses and testing required for any person who wishes to enjoy a minimal standard of living. Note that doctors already live such a life, and that modern corporate medicine, is the life-way model society is currently expanding to embrace us all.
-10. At this point, physical money and barter must be outlawed if society is to continue the collective course.
-11. Also, mandatory wearing or implanting of infotech tracking and observation devices must be mandatory, for the safety of all.
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New Ledford     Jan 8, 2021

The system may incline towards doing any or all of these things, but the system isn't very good at anything anymore. In their hands are more powerful tools than anyone has ever held before in the history of mankind. The men holding them, though, don't rise even to the level of 5th century AD Roman aristocrats or late Soviet Union apparatchiks.

Individuals, families, tribes, etc. can successfully thrive in this world. If you don't attract attention, you can safely ignore most of what they want you do. I recommend reading "The Threat" by Andrew Cockburn. In the early eighties he interviewed a bunch of immigrants from the then Soviet Union living in the West. When the Soviets tried to mobilize their reserves during the Solidarity crisis in 1981, the conscripts just said "nahh" and stayed home. No protests, no "civil disobedience," just passive lawlessness. The modern USA equivalent would be calling in sick for diversity training.
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