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'The Marks We Leave'
Alarmingly Plausible: Lynn Lockhart Reviews King of Dogs by Andrew Edwards
© 2021 James LaFond
Fate has been much on my mind lately, as the schemes of our ruling class are carried through with cruel ineptness. I feel instinctually, as I felt in 2016, that the prognosis of the American empire is not good and that we are all playing our roles, wittingly or not, and no one who states their intentions, for good or ill, has much chance of meeting their purpose...
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Huerfano     Jan 11, 2021

I listened to the audiobook version last fall. It is very good, my favourite book from last year. If you're interested in possibilities about why big picture events are unfolding in the USA as they are, and how various peoples are going to respond, this book has it. There's a lot of survival/manhunt tension in it, and it gets to be a bit of revenge porn as well, doing a better job than Tarantino. I read many books last year, and this book, along with Mr. LaFond's When You're Food and Taboo You are the only books I recommended to my son.
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