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‘A Homeless Drifter’
Yeti Waters and the Crackpot Discuss Rambo
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Just friendly bullshit
Wed, Feb 17, 9:29 PM (5 days ago)
When I was a kid Rambo was everywhere. Dolls, saturday morning cartoons, every corner store sold Rambo knives with the big blade, compass on the ass end, matches and fishing line in the handle. I remember it being pretty common to see kids running wild with these Rambo knives in the streets. I never saw the flick until last night, me and Felix watched it.
Two hours of watching a homeless drifter kill Washington State troopers and sheriff's deputies? Fuck yeahs. I don't usually go for action movie nonsense, but this one spoke to me. I'm not gonna try to read too much subtext into the film, but the anti cop sentiment was uplifting. I think I'll pass on watching the sequels. Be like fucking an ugly chick twice, know what I mean?
Stay cool,
-Yeti Waters

Big Man, I can not agree more.
I was recently encouraged by a host to write something that would get big sales, so I could get the earnings he thinks are commiserate with my skill. I declined, not on principle, but based on my inability to write about things which do not interest me. First Blood, is a perfect example of how American Consumerism, as an ethos, kills and taints anything it touches, with the complicity of original creators as well.
The instinct to double down by social activists who think they are above consumerism, is a pure expression of consumerism, the drive to do more of a thing that worked and to add cumbersome frills to it to make of the second act a parade.
I recall really liking the first Rambo movie, especially when he downed the chopper with a hurled rock, a total stone age solution to mechanical pollution. Then, in order to build a franchise, the following movies were incredibly fake, gay, phony and lame as the creator tapped into the still festering wound of the Americans that had been left behind in Southeast Asia. No worse trash has ever marred the screen. The sympathetic character of John Rambo was then made into a cartoon, and predictably re-harnessed by the evil machine that begat him.
The 2008 Rambo reboot was pretty good, incredibly bloody and actually addressed a real Asian issue. I have noted with sadness that after somewhat redeeming the franchise, that the whore star could not help but degrade it again by making a sequel to the "final" chapter.
The best reason for an artist to avoid popularity in this sewer of a nation, is to preserve the quality of his work against the powerful forces of Lameness lurking at the Insipid Heart of Modernity.
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roo_ster     Feb 22, 2021

Stallone's Rambo series took a similar path to his Rocky series. The first film was great, all subsequent films not worth watching.
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