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Rex, Violence and End Times
Crackpot News with Rusty, Richard, Viking Age Barbarian and Some Guy Named Bruce Lee Marvin Gaye
The Crackpot will hopefully finish a history book and a novel in March and then, having avoided the fate of Caesar—unlike the Irish—be back to his regular posting schedule, including answering emails on Monday morning, beginning with the ever auspicious month of April this year of 2021. Incognegro, the producer of Hobo History, still has not found “another hobo who has written over two-hundred books,” so told James, “you still have a job,” and “I'll set you up with a new work laptop.”
Note from Lynn: I have a number of posts and will attempt to post here once per day
In other Crackpot news:

Last of the Mohicans
Mar 12, 2021
James and I discuss the 1992 film, The Last of the Mohicans and people going "native".

Young Richard Barrett is working his posterior off over at Pulp Fiction Renaissance:

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Comment by Bruce Lee Marvin Gaye
Decided to search your name in a site that shares books and lo and behold etc.....we get this The Barbarian Reborn is also a tribute to other authors in the wild world of barbarism, such as Bronze Age Pervert, Jack Donovan, and James LaFond.
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RubenMar 14, 2021

What a wonderful alter-ego! By the way, have you seen the petition to make congress work for minimum wage with no healthcare? The author knows the petition couldn't work but values the sheer embarrassment factor....not that these polymorphic slime have the capacity....300 million could laugh but most of our country don't have the balls to do much of anything, although the Mall Walk in Jan was mildly amusing. Here's the Nancy Pelosi 'Better Safe Than Sober' petition, sign early, sign often!
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