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'Desire for a Civil Society'
Devil Dick and the Crackpot Discuss Our Security Instinct
© 2021 James LaFond
Bee cucks
Wed, Mar 17, 4:24 PM (2 days ago)
Hey James, I just acquired footage from the mongol invasions during the 13th century.
Holy MOLY, you can even see Genghis Khan in there if you look closely. It's theorized 100 millions years ago that a group of wasps (which hunt other insects) developed a taste for nectar, eventually resulting in them becoming enslaved in their honey cuck den. A truly pathetic creature that dies when it stings, before Enkidu there were these overly civilized creatures. Actually, their state is so pathetic, that they are known as Eusocial " showing an advanced level of social organization, in which a single female or caste produces the offspring and nonreproductive individuals cooperate in caring for the young". Kind of like the test tube tranny babies that will be keeping this cuck den running.
Anyways, I'm reading a book called "The Merchants Kings" and found some interesting quotes. "By late 1630 New Amsterdam... was run down and dilapidated.... Within two decades, New Amsterdam resembled a prosperous Dutch town. But since their (the Dutch West India Company) was to generate money for their employers, the governors of New Netherland did not respond eagerly to the settlers' desire to create a civil society".
Another, " Company directors in the Netherlands feared that the settlement might actually be bad for business, as settlers would demand services such as schoolteachers. church ministers, a legal system and military defence- all of which cost money".
and my favorite "When it was suggested that only company employees should be forced to obey the regulations of the Director general... Stuvesyant fumed " We derive our authority from God and the West india company, not from the pleasure of a few ignorant subjects".
From this I gather that when America overthrew British Rule, what happened was that the distinction between shithole colony we use to generate profits and home nation were beginning to be blurred. After ww2, the British empire became the commonwealth and it began to get rid of its own people. America the negro buttsex empire in everything it promotes destroys societies. I suspect this is so no place is home, and everywhere is up for exploitation.
- Devil Dick
P.S. The American Governent sends Jamal and tyrone Overseas to promote rap and civil rights

Thank you so much for these quotes and the news of the cucked bees.
The term "subject" to designate an inhabitant of a place is a reduction of "subjugate" a person who has, or is descended from persons, that have been subjectated and enslaved. [1] That people have ever been proud to be a subject does not boggle this mind when one consideres that all civilized people prior to the fantasy of rights instituted by the American and French Revolutions, succeeded in deluding masses of idiot subjects into thinking that the government was their servitor. So, to be a subject of a greater nation, was to be superior to a subject of a smaller nation, in much the way that the slave of a Colonel would lord it over the slave of the neighboring Captain.
Today, we beleive that an employee is a free agent, an individual contracting his services, which is pure delusion. Unless that employee has special social status, such as being a female or a person of color or a transexual, he may be disposed of at will by his employer. However, in the Plantation Era, an employee knew that they were "a useful person" "a tool" to "be used," and that his employer was his user, and that he was merely the rightless thing in the hand of righteous actor. There was a wisdom, an honesty, to the age of master and slave that we, in our delusion of universal equality cannot appreciate. This balm for this is socialism, the jealous envy of the rich by the poor, which places the blame on income disparity not with the rich—who probably cheated and grifted their way to fortune or inherited such ill-gotten gains—but instead blame luck, fate, abstract racial privilege or a particular version of the redistribution mechanism that is government.
Stuvesyant was a righteous savage who represented the nation who used their human property the most like their English cousins. As Increase Mather mentioned, Dutch New Amsterdam was the home of "those who worship only Mammon." The Japanese would also remark that the Dutch were a releif to work with after dealing with the principled Portuguese and Spanish, for they were entirely mercenary and cared nothing for matters of morality—the perfect economic actors. The English were just as amoral and money-worshipping as the Dutch, with the certain improvement, that they were much more violent to their human property, especially to human property of their own race, for whom they reserved a special contempt as economic heretics. For the thing that made English enslavement so brutal was their interpretation of the protestant work ethic that decreed that any person fallen into debt was the moral equivellent of a Christian who had embraced Satan.
The English takeover in the Mid Atlantic, therefore, increased brutality, not because the English held values any different than the Dutch worship of money and subjugation of human life to that Holy Coin, but that they held these articles of sacred faith with more piety. Debt equaled more than obligation; debt was clear evidence of guilt, God's own judgement upon the vile pauper.

-1. Subjugate: VERB, "bring under domination or control, especially by conquest."
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