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'You Bum'
Proof that Stick Fighting Works
The most aggravate aspect of the police state is PIG dedication to protecting criminals. For instance, this prime buck who punched an elderly woman in the face was rescued from her enraged agrarian payback by goboment employees. The reason our attackers are so often of such low quality is that the idea of an American Citizen or even "Person" fighting back is so low that mugging Asians and Caucasians is close to a zero risk activity.
Jamal [revision, he was Jerry the tweaker, a ghost person[1]] walked up to Granny and punched her in the face, which is the daily opening move practiced by Yomish Reparations Recovery Agents in the Bay Area when disciplining Asian Americans. [2.] Granny then grabbed a stick and whooped his ass. When I was there two weeks ago I noted the extreme sissy nature of Bantu manhood who neared me or approached me for charity as if I were Tarzan the Ape King, despite towering over me, being half my age and not being encumbered by a 75-lb rucksack. Simple direct courtesy and eye contact from me sent them scurrying for a properly terrified pale pedestrian.
The attacker is being unidentified to protect him and also to obscure the fact that only one demographic of people beat the shit out of the elderly on American streets. Indeed, the authors point immediately to the only high profile attack on Asians, which I will not name, but was recent and featured an MK-Ultra activation in some "rub and tug" emporiums.
A careful reading of the early news reports on the Caucasian death angel slaughtering Asian meat angels shows that the federal law enforcement agency most involved in managing mass shooters was on his rampage from the beginning and informing local agencies of his activity, sounding a lot like a hunter retrieving his dog from the neighbor's chicken coup.
Now, in case you are attacked by an MK-Ultra assassin, you better stab him and run or the Feds are going to be involved in your life forever.
Also, if you are a fit man attacked by a Reparations Recovery Agent, you also need to run, because the cops will arrest you and he will claim you uttered a racial slur and your life will be effectively over. Keep in mind that the ultimate enemy is always the PIGs. For this reason, wear a beard and hair. Then, when you run from the scene of your crime against America into hiding, shave both and throw away the clothes you were wearing.
As to our discussion of Chinese Hegemony the other day, if one of our leading male citizens in the prime of life, can be defeated by a tiny bitch of theirs half his age, I think I should revise my estimate on the force requirements for the Chinese conquest of Portland, down from a platoon to a squad.
Who hatched this sissy!
From the Daily Mail
"An elderly Asian woman fought back against a man who randomly attacked her in San Francisco and sent him to hospital covered in blood on a gurney.
Xiao Zhen Xie, 76, told San Francisco's KPIX 5 that she was standing at a crossing on Market Street on Wednesday when a 39-year-old man punched her in the face.
Xie said she found a nearby stick to defend herself and started pummelling him.
"While Xie suffered eye injuries, the unidentified man was taken away on a stretcher with his face covered in cuts.
Xie then tried to go for her attacker again as he was being wheeled to an ambulance, and had to be restrained by police.
She points the wooden plank towards him while yelling: 'You bum, why did you bully me?' and 'He hit me, he hit me!' in Cantonese."

Thanks to Mister Grey for the attacker's identity.
-1. On one hand we see that all is right with the world, that a Wakandan warlord was not beaten by an old Asian lady. I suppose this reduces the force strength needed to take down Portland to a single fire team.
-2. I suppose Jerry was imitating his social betters in this. It is a fact that in California, Oregon and Washington that the feral homeless population is mostly Yetikin. So hopefully we will see a lot more Yeti on Rice-ape attacks in the future, precipitating more militant tribalism.
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by the wine dark sea

Juan StaboneMar 23, 2021

Based on my years of workin' fo' da man evvy night an' day, I would like to recommend a technique for runnin' fum da popo:

If someone calls 911 to report a street fight, the cops are going to arrive on the scene every which way, with no pattern of response. (It's a wonder there aren't more collisions among the responding units.) Once everyone piles into the scene, one poor bastard is designated to take the report, and the others get back in their cars and set up "containment". Containment is seldom more than a 5 or 6 block radius from the scene, and it's pretty good duty because all you do is sit at an intersection with your lights on and watch for someone matching the suspect description. Dispatch is not going to break you to go take a paper call as long as you're on containment, so a veterano likes to do a "thorough" containment. Depending on the severity of the crime, and depending on whether K9 is working, the supervisor may call for a K9 track that starts inside the containment. (Contrary to Hollywood, it is very rare for the dog to actually track anybody down.)

So if you successfully defend yourself in the street, it seems like the thing to do is to run as fast as possible in a straight line to get outside the 6 block radius and escape containment before it sets up. Obviously, if you see lights coming toward you and heading toward the scene, slow to a walk and then speed up again when the coast is clear. As soon as you get 6 blocks away, make an immediate right-angle turn and lose or reverse your jacket, shirt, and hat. At that point, if it's possible to go into and through a building with two exits, do so.

If your vehicle is parked at or near the scene of your self-defense, don't go back for it. Send someone else to retrieve it.

Avoid entanglements with the criminal "justice" system at all costs. The current fad for plandemic masks makes this a bit easier, or so I'm told.
BryceMar 24, 2021

The only time I defended myself as an adult I ran away and never heard about the incident again.
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