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'The Absurdity of it All'
Fire and the Crackpot Discuss the Taboo Woman: Dateline 3/13/21
Have stopped in here a few times over the course of the last 2 weeks with something to say or ask but found they remained inside my recesses.
Good to "see" you in cyberspace...I trust you are getting some needed relief for your knee among other things...
I want to share some things about Taboo You...
I savored it immensely and I cut and paste phrases that made me laugh, sigh, grunt, and shake my head both in deep agreement and in the absurdity of it all...
Merci for writing it. Truly.
In this go round I am an exception to the understanding you posited that women can not be taboo. I fully agree with you that it is almost all. I am not part part of that group. Or any for that matter.
I rejoiced in the resonance and a bearing of witness that Taboo You and I mean YOU have generously offered. It's a reciprocal sharing...alone reading I felt seen and heard. 
I trust that in some small way I can convey through the energy of these digital forms...
that you are seen and heard by me.
Have been laying very low as I have made my decision and am about to resign 
from my McJob (they're all McJobs to me)...
Am about to pull my Shawshank...jumping off into an abyss...
my mind should be less taken by next week.
May your travels continue to be protected and without much interference from all the The Wrong...
You continue to be in my good thoughts.
My Formidable Will Bows Down in Gratitude.
Merci for the expanded addition.
I was watching the page counter in the last 50 pages...not wanting it to end.
Be well James.
Look after your self.

Fire, women, even the few who read me, generally have a hard time with Taboo You. Of course, women can be taboo, but are much less likely to be so than a man, just like most lone lions and wolves are male. The physicality necessary to operate beyond societal norms in dangerous environments makes taboo women more likely in the most highly cultivated civilizations, such as the high Hellenic with the Hetari, and the High Middle Ages and Early Modern Era peopled by so many queens of note. In the Late Modern Era as we enter the Postmodern Era, since the traditional roles of women have been under attack, it seems likely that more women will be put in an alienated or taboo role against social norms.
Alienation is not the only condition of being taboo. Living contrary to social expectations directed at the norm is also necessary. In that light, the legion of atomized and lonely cat women, bachelorette dog parents and childless lesbians and transexuals are—although fundamentally alienated to a severe degree—behaving according to social norms, norms pushed constantly by Creep State Propaganda. The System is faced with the logistical difficulty of dealing with an unprecedented human population of near 8 billion in a world that is about to have its food production halved as cooling sets in and earth gradually returns to the Ice Age conditions that once supported only millions.
The Mesopotamians and Egyptians starved their excess to death.
The Romans worked and beat and butchered them.
The Mongols scythed them down and made pyramids of skulls.
The British followed the Roman example in Plantation America.
But there is a better way. Just discourage breeding and the problem addresses itself.
The woman, and her identity, is the true target of the System that seems only to be gunning for her opposite, the man. This delusion facilitated by our indoctrination into antagonistic rather than symbiotic gender roles is being used to disguise the attack on masculinity for what it is, the first stage in the attack on organic womanhood. We cannot know that Spartacus—leader of history's greatest slave revolt—was partnered with a Thracian prophetess. Once masculinity hes been eradicated in the main and contained in highly controlled social compartments, the real enemy of final stage hive civilization, the woman, bereft of her protector, may be dealt with. The System wants to control all reproduction of its primary tools, humans. The real woman is already being replaced by sterile transgender meat-puppets. Any dissenting view from a woman—such as yourself—is therefore more dangerous than dissent among men, in part because female dissent is so rare.
Pick your media:
-The news tells you that for First World people to reproduce is evil when Africans starve under the weight of their own heroic birthrate.
-Watch commercials and you will be inducted into the cult of consumption that makes it clear that reproduction before it becomes medically difficult for the woman, is not desirable.
-Watch cooking shows and car shows and be indicted further into the cult of consumption to the conspicuous degree of luxury, making having children at all seem a burden.
-Avoid this garbage by watching netflix and you will find that all serious relationships are homosexual and that all unions between men and women resulting in children are nightmares of dysfunction.
-Other aspects of imposed sterility are more specific to Modernity and bear on the plight of the woman and will contribute to her occasional taboo status:
First is dog parenting, a natural salve for the childless adult and for the lonely singleton child of the authorized 50% of replacement nuclear family. Dog parenting rather than human parenting places the members of the Aryan Diaspora as the most likely to go sterile in a plentiful matrix, as they have their traditional four-legged pets to help buffer the sorrow of sterility. Thus the empathy for animals that boggled the minds of Amerindians, Asians and Africans in first-contact situations, served not only as a great advantage to the Aryans with their war hounds and horses on first contact, but now enables the management of sterility psychosis at the nadir of the Aryan trajectory.
Second is philosophy, [1] which is to say Utopian thinking—of projecting the will upon reality in hopes of altering it. When people inhabit the World of Should in their mind, then the World of Is inhabited by their body seems unduly cruel and pointless, a field of suffering that for a child is a torture chamber. Seeing things always on the macro-scale reduces empathy for children even as the thinker fixates on her ideology in terms of “the children.” This is because Utopianism reduces each child to a flower in a bed and the ideologue ascends to the troubled busy-body vantage of the gardener, loving his flowers and knowing they will die. Utopian thinkers see humans as bio-bot flowers [on the Right] and hive drone flowers [on the Left], both with higher collective purposes than their life and beauty, that always wilt and are crushed by hard circumstances. This view of the human as a social flower is shared by all Utopian ideologies around the spectrum and harkens back to the idea of a garden origin for man, rather than of man born into struggle. Ironically, this worldview holds every child as guilty of an original sin and marks him as a soldier in some army enslaved to a superior will—no autonomy possible and is profoundly anti-heroic.
The strongest argument for a heroic view of procreation would be Robert E. Howard's backstory for his fictional hero Conan the Barbarian, who was born on a battlefield to a blacksmith. This cycle was written as a reaction against Modernity, which is to say late-stage civilization. Most of modern western people think that children should only be born to post-laboring parents in secure circumstance, not to working men and women in a world of tumult. This majority view of parenthood and reproduction in Modern Western Civilization, is in origin and outcome, GAY, as is the third element in this under trinity.
Third is homosexual sensuality as a non-reproductive basis for viewing children as inter-generational weapons and women as objective lesser-half incubators of a distastefully breeding population. The lack of interest in women among emasculated men encourages the superior version of that non-reproducing man to see children as ideological possibilities rather than whole human beings capable of individual ascent, and the mother as an obstacle to the child's mission orientation rather than a partner. This is strongly pushed in current entertainment media and transgender social-medical politics.
On my last week in Washington State, three weeks ago, I was watching a police drama with the Colonel. The theme was of an adopted infant being abducted from the adopted parents by the biological mother [2] and then a cop team finally rescues the infant from its birth mother, who is defeated in combat by a lesbian hottie, and in a scene of utmost moral gravity, the cops return the little baby to its two rightful parents: a homosexual couple, an Asian American male and an African American male, as the mother is taken into custody as a criminal.
As a real parent I was not capable of looking at my sons and seeing only or primarily a weapon for my will to cast into the future. However, gay men, as well as bachelors who are likewise non-breeders and sometimes enter children's sports as coaches tend to look at other people's children as their ideological adopted children. There is a gay white nationalist leader who has promoted this world view in the spirit of Socrates and Plato. So, once we become pure ideologues, than a youth adopting our worldview is more our son than the fruit of our union with a woman. This last earthly, demi-urge, spawning sterile leaders adopting disaffected segments of generations as children and wooing them with propaganda-spawned delusion [2000s] and drug addiction [1960s-90s] is not just cultural but demographic.
For a creature as curious as Man, who cannot keep from plucking the fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil, and who is so inclined to godlike ambitions, to control his reproduction and reduce it, can be achieved with a simple incentive program: plenty, safety and guilt on one side serve as the stick of sterility, while the threat of scarcity, danger and persecution on the other hand serves as the carrot of infertility.
The System is self aware and is gearing the spirit of Man down so that it can pseudo-hibernate and keep us from escaping into near or outer space.
Good Fortune with your inner redemption, Fire.
For me, in 2010, once I ascertained that my lifelong suspicion that I lived in a malefic world was supported by the force of consistent and overwhelming facts, an inner peace emerged and I have been more capable of navigating the turmoil that continues to torment, afflict and afright most of my fellows.
-1. Hellenic civilization suffered from low birthrates immediately in the wake of Socrates and Plato, the Questioner and the Form Didact. Philosophy flowered again under Rome at the same time it's population began to suffer from reduced birthrates in the 100s A.D.
-2. One will note that many Amber alerts are often not notifications that a child was abducted by a stranger, but by a parent.
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