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The Tower of Booboo
Brill Yates and the Colonization of Humanity
This is my collection on Bill Gates, as he tries to elevate himself to Olympus, surely the least worthy pretender to godhood of our accursed species. This is worse than the Tower of Babel, worse than any hubristic morality tale in human history.
-Lynn, Feb 25, 2021

You must mean Brill Yates, My Girl—as a science-fiction writer I do not recognize this Gates character from my rogue’s gallery of dastardly villains. I also suspect he aims for godhood. Furthermore, the sloth and miserable mire that has become of our kind, has not only elevated the heads of state we deserve, but threatens to permit the rise of a pantheon of Young Gods, rulers of planets, and even Apollo-like wielders of disease.
To summarize these sources:
-Blocking out the sun to prevent global warming is a misunderstanding, I am afraid. You see, when I wrote the Sunset Saga between 2009-2012, I had Hyman Maxim develop a planetary buoy system to regulate solar reception, not block it. Yates is such a crude plagiarist that his accidentally reversed my science-fiction platform…
-The elimination of animal protein is a reasonable platform for control of humans through further domestication. Carnivores and omnivores are more difficult to control than herbivores—a no-brainer as old as civilization; make the slaves eat grass like cattle.
-Of course math is racist. My failure to complete or pass a single math quiz or test from age 6 to age 16, is proof that n!@@#$% and potato n!@@#$% are not cut out for math because our ancestors were forced to eat grass while the masters ate meat.
Actually, I’m starting to warm up to Brill as a villain. I might give him a generation ship full of transsexual orphans to rule…
-He wants us to drink water strained from feces? Well, that might be necessary on his generation ship…
I did not realize that Brill Yates was a White Nationalist until I saw this news about him using a bogus vaccine in Africa that caused a polio outbreak amongst our scheduled replacements.
I actually suspect that the Young Gods like Yates want to stop First World Breeding, cause a “baby bust” and import as many Third World as possible to replace our never-to-be-born children and then unleash disease in South America and Africa so devastating that it turns these two continents into giant game preserves where they can go on safari with their robotic avatars and tread amidst the shade of their very own Garden of Eden as its restorers.
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