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Physical Distancing
Musings on the Logistics of Mass Delusion
Amtrak, a federal subsidiary, is the first organization I have noticed switching shamdemic terminology of “social distancing” to “physical distancing.” This is a sure indication that the term social distancing is an accurate reflection of the bogus disease propaganda and that physical distancing is a form of calculated semantic drift calibrated to ease the panic among the mind-numbed masses so that they can be herded towards oblivion with less effort.
I have noted that the people with the highest intelligence, when living in safe suburban circumstances, suffer from delusion far more often than low intelligence people who live in reality. Every brother in the city knows that the person who will jack him up looks like him. Yet my friends who are suburban saints of dark hue are convinced that they are being hunted quietly by pale supremacists.
Despite the fact that four of the five men who I personally knew or knew their relatives, who were beaten to death by the BPD PIGs, were pale, and twice as many palefaces nationally are slain by pigs than saints, most Americans believe that only saints are slain by cops.
I have been harassed by PIGs 28 times in the Baltimore area, thrice while waiting for the bus near the young saints who are supposedly the only targets of police wrath. Never did the PIGs pass me up to get the saints. No, I was always the target. Yet, despite the fact that reality shows that the prime indicator that one will be harassed by PIGs, is that you are a lone, male pedestrian, most American believe that it is based on race.
I spoke recently with a very smart man who believes fervently in man-made climate change and discounts the power of the sun as nothing compared to us burning things on earth. He, and all of his ilk I have spoken to, believe that forest fires are caused by global warming, despite obvious cooling in most of the continent, rampant arson, and terrible forest management. Also, forest fires, are seen as permanent and an end to the forest, a turning of it into a desert, when in fact, fires grow forests anew and often leave the biggest trees alone. This is an urban view of man as creator of his habitat and has no basis in reality.
By contrast, rural people I have met cannot wait for a chance to prove that they are not racist by gaining a POC coworker or employee or friend, trying like crazy to be as non-racist as possible. Yet I know suburban saints terrified that rural pales would kill them on sight. Rural people also live in nature and understand that a forest fire is rejuvenating and fret at the city slicker government and forest service who insist that dead timber cannot be harvested and prevent forest fires that would clear the vast stands of “beetle kill” timber.
These, and many delusions are made possible, it occurs, looking at this Amtrak signage, by “physical distancing” from reality. Suburban living distances the human from both rural nature and urban human nature. The foundation for this is city living, which distances the human from nature and enables him to be inducted into those utopian fantasies most conducive to his masters’ control over his mind.
Such evolved systems are far from perfect and always break. I wonder if “physical distancing” is the best system option for the reduction of humanity into a hive?
It has a third syllable and our facility with language is deteriorating as it is degraded to serve our masters’ purposes.
However, if I had been present during this think tank discussion, I would have signed off on it. “Social distancing” is a clearly negative statement that represents a subconscious system desire to atomize us, and place us each in a cubicle, to be inducted or indicted, and gaslit and turned against one another.
I notice here on the train, that as the staff threatens to remove people who do not wear masks, and place them out in the “cold high desert of Utah,” as proud owners of a $500 fine as well, that those individuals, these seven people who have resisted wearing masks out of about 60, roughly 10%, are by far the most social. These are all the folks who ache for companionship:
The paleface retard across the aisle from me who wants to be my friend, the beaner gangbanger behind me who helps every elder with their luggage, the old Rez Indian who has kind of adopted the beaner as a nephew, the alpha male white water rafter in the viewing car, and the super-hot, brunette with her husband and in-laws, who is so bubbly she can’t keep from standing up and wiggling to a tune on her headset every hour, and asks the Amish about their new baby—these people, the friendliest among us, are suffering greatly. I have not spoken a word in 36 hours. The mask is not bothering me in here. I refuse to wear it outside—I hate it. But in here, it does not bother me, as I am a lifelong practitioner of social and physical distancing.
So, normal, domesticated humans who have not spent 38 years being hunted in the streets of Harm City by Bantu warriors and blue PIGs are being gaslighted into the same, feral, atomized state that I embraced as I was hunted like an animal by hundreds of predators over near two-score years.
This might be the crucial next step in terminal human domestication, the codification of Physical Distancing, as it builds on the physical distancing from nature begun with cities, the physical distancing of suburban living from urban human hostility, and the virtual annihilation of the family. Preventing people from making new bonds in a world bereft of family, is, I think, a very important step. I recently related a story to three young people about spending some time in the only county in Maryland with an active chapter of the KKK, with Incognegro, the producer of Hobo History. On that occasion I was ignored and all of the rednecks at the gas station and liquor store treated this dark fellow like an honored dignitary, waving to him, thanking him for stopping by, asking how he is doing.
These young people thought I was telling a tall tale and could not place it in their mind, weaned as they have been on redneck horror movie villain propaganda. Just like my mother is immune to the notion that breast cancer deaths being cut in half in 2020 and there being no flu deaths—with the CDC admitting that they have stopped tracking the flu—might indicate that Brovid Jiveteen numbers are being artificially inflated to terrorize her.
All but one family door has been closed to me, since I have not been vaccinated. I was told that I was choosing principle over family. I could have retorted that they were choosing propaganda or fear over family. It seems that the gaslit East grows less hospitable for the free mind with every lying day.
Most Americans actually believe in this shamdemic, despite constantly updated, published government stats—that though they are inflated by as much as 75%, including many other causes of death in the tally for the sacred disease—place risk of death somewhere much lower than one in a hundred, maybe ten times lower.
This brings me to the other observation about the believers in this shamdemic: they are profoundly religious in their civic living and cleave to scriptural teachings they have never read. The behavior of the person of 2021 who is not a denier of one kind or another, is almost exactly the same as that of a Saint, or of a Puritan, of 400 years ago, who was ever ready to burn, or draw and quarter, or drown any person who was even suspected of denying Scripture or Gospel in heart. In our final devolution into total and absolute materialism—that being the worship [something the modern mind cannot frame outside of recent Christian forms] of disease as the God of Death. The postmodern atheist might think he has grown wise beyond religion, yet has plunged more deeply into belief by far than Thomas Jefferson or George Washington and possess a level of faith comparable to William Bradford, Increase Mather and Nat Turner.
Ruled by fear, a “believer,” who does not deny sacred pronouncements uttered by the media didacts, the postmodern meat-puppet is profoundly medieval of mind.
We live among a priesthood more fanatic than the Aztecs who lifted fresh, gushing hearts to Hutztapotle.
Be warned—they believe!
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Don QuotaysApr 13, 2021

I highly recommend Eric Hoffer tome "the true believers".

Mr. Hoffer covers some heavy topics in an accessible way.
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