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The Acts of Justice Claret
Prentice Dolphin Chapter 9
Prentice Dolphin, the footmen and Acolyte David, could not know the trials and acts of Justice Claret and his men as they fought for life and limb and God and right against the slobbering mob of heretical Barbary. However, once reunited, in the wake of battle, the tale would be related, so that one hearing would live to say it told.
Desiring to take the Barbarians from behind as they assailed his footmen, Justice Claret and his 12 knights took a goat path little-used by even the denizens of Barbary. It’s peril rook the 3rd Knight of Soliloquy and his destrier over the chasms to their doom. Likewise, the 11th Knight of Soliloquy lost his destrier and continued afoot...

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