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Yeti Bait
How to Generate Social Injustice Under the All-Seeing Eye
© 2021 James LaFond
[I watched this video a few times and was not surprised by the low-IQ yeti falling into the high-IQ caramel trap. I realize that my yeti readership vastly outnumbers my Bantu readership. But, since yetis insist on believing in the fantasy of rights, and continue to deny that Bantus were brought tot his country by the whites to get rid of crackers, yetis and palefaces, who have ever since willingly journeyed across the face of the wide world to slaughter Filipino, Chinese, German, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, South American and Middle Eastern men, who for the most part have never done anything to us, then I judge that the idiot white apes of the suburban taiga are incapable of learning, so will address my minority readership...]

Okay, Son. Ledz say you gotz some big cracker living up the way and you wanna start some shit thads gonna leave him finished...
Yetis still believe in the intent of the LAW being just and to uphold their fantastical suite of "Rights". Of course, we N!@@#$% know that rights do not exist and that laws are guidelines put into play to be used to screw people over.
Okay, this stupid cracker does not realize that the sidewalk in front of his house is regarded in most municipalities as public shared space, and not his at all. He is simply tasked with maintaining it, so that in case you slip and fall on it you can sue his dumb ass. Since it is not snowing on the sidewalk, how do you draw him out so the government can screw him over?
Have your big brother with the SUV drop you off to post up on this dumb cracker's lawn.
Have your girl and your brother's girl walking around and keep an eye on shit so that they can be witnesses that don't know you.
[Yo, dumb yeti—See the bitches in the background showing up twice in this video?]
As long as you don't peek in his window or threaten him or his wife—who should be a dumb bitch willing to use her phone to document his actions—you are golden.
Refuse to speak with him like a man, but whine like a boy, so that he gets aggressive with you. Alphas are easy to piss off when you act like a surly little bitch. Get Mighty Joe Young off of his game!
Make him think that maybe you are going to step on his sacred neo-boomer lawn so that he will extend a hand to keep you from moving, which is assault.
Challenge his manhood so that he verbalizes about how he could enforce his will upon you, which is assault.
Turn away while mumbling, so you get his dumb ass to step to you, which is assault!
Tell him he can't do shit in a whimpy way, to get this big meathead to expand on what he can do to your scrawny ass, which is assault.
The check is in the mail from that Hungarian Banker.
Son, not only are yetis as dumb as the day is long, but they actually think that they are right and that the government is on their side!
Wipe your ass with this fool's hopes and dreams!
Now, how can you tell if maybe this man is not the fool he seems to be, not the cuck he was bred to be?
Bro, if this big side of Amero-Beef comes out on his lawn with two lawn chairs, sets one out for you, and tells his stupid bitch to go get the rum and coke and ice and start pouring you two drinks, well...then get your girlfriend and her sister or your brother's girl, who ever those two big bucket-assed bitches are keeping an eye on you, and get them to twerking on the sidewalks—-you might as well have a party if the OP goes wrong.
Way to get this dumb cunt to break the laws he worships!
Wait, this meathead is supposed to help win a war somewhere?
Not to worry, though, when crackers labor under the delusion that they are "white" despite being Christians and not being slave owners or bankers, and further regard themselves as being right, there is very little chance that their government-media inoculation against Reality will fail on contact with you—Scion of Mercantilism and Martyr of the Golden Race.

Pale Trash alert.
Hey, for any of you albino asphalt apes like me who do not already know what is up: If you ever successfully defend yourself against one or more of these mixed-race skinnies, the uniformed goons who are going to show up and put you down and stand with the boot of government on your neck, are going to be exactly like this bald MMA stud. I view this encounter, depicted below, as a case of friendly fire between my enemies, and hope the yeti does a lot of time. This is the guy that will be coming to take your gun and my knife.

Charges filed; confrontation caught on camera in Summit neighborhood
Battle Beagle on Twitter: "Watch property values and social cohesion plummet with this one neat trick." / Twitter
Thu, Apr 15, 10:18 PM (12 hours ago)
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