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Tooling Up
Thoughts on Not Being the Guilty Ghost with the Slung Gun
© 2021 James LaFond
The annual riot season is upon us. From all over the country I get reports of seemingly random and opportunistic Bantu violence against guilty ghosts.
A young lady in Baltimore is walking her friend's dog and is swooped down upon by a male and female pair of ghost hunters with fiendishly open glee—and then her masculine friend appears and they flee.
This did not happen according to the BPD, media or FBI—no report filed.
Group hug.
Memory hole.
Shep sent me a video which the provider has now made unavailable for my viewing, in which a car and driver speeds up to a man coming from or going to his parked car. The insertion vehicle speeds off.
The big Bantu accomplice flanks poorly.
The small Bantu gunman walks up with both hands on gun pointed at the face of the prime buck guilty ghost man who backs up, slaps away the gun and than scoops and slams the twerp who screams like a bitch.
They run.
These are the bitches that 150 million Americans ran from to the suburbs?
And now they come hunt you in your McHood.
Good for them.
At least they are alive while we simper and hide.
Yet America believes that these twerps are our most masculine men—when they are bitches; and we believe that they never initiate crime though they initiate almost all of it.
America deserves to be skull-fucked on its boomer lawn.
In a town where I recently stayed, four blocks from my host's house, his friend, a BJJ man packing a handgun, asked four Bantu chieftains who were blocking his driveway with their vehicle, to move and they beat him bloody.
His BJJ was useless against four men—always is unless you are a giant stud.
He decided not to become the next Z-man and end his life at the end of a media rope by using the gun.
He was beaten down and out while packing a slung gun.
Why pack it?
So that you can remember to suck Unkle Sham's cock?
This was a good call, not to draw.
Imagine 1 innocent unarmed martyr slain while asking to use the driveway to fix a flat while three guys he never saw before bore witness.
Instead of being arrested and charged and tried by the PIGs, the PIGs just documented his plight and will do nothing about it.
When the knight comes from his castle to rob the peasant, or beat him, there is no possible crime except for resistance.
Handguns, the four times they have been used against me, did not work because I wanted to be shot while stabbing a foe—my constant fantasy companion that scenario is.
Handguns were designed to shoot rifle men in the back when they failed to obey their officers. They are the weapon of the dastard assassin of the mercantile ass-fucking machine that is the Anglophone World.
Unkle Sham has done you a favor by letting you know that any use of this sacred killing device by you will put you behind bars.
The dogs of the System have had their appetites wetted with your sweet scent and will be coming for you in your glass house. That is right, American, you live behind glass—not brick, stone or wood—glass.
Go out to the sidewalk and look at your house.
Your are the Twig Pig, and the Big Black Wolf is only delayed by feasting on your fellows.
He will come.
It is his job.
It is what he does.
He will fulfill the sacred mission of the Holy System—rubbing your pale ass out.
There is no solution—He is the solution and you are the problem.
There is no way out, no happy ending, nothing in your future but ankle-grabbing and bending.
But you can start to plant some ghosts for the haunting, terrorize some of the weak, wan things that have been set upon us in our cozy pens.
If BJJ Bro went all BJJ, he just gets stomped and descends further into slavery.
If he went all Boomer Normy-Con Cuck Heston and used his gun, not only will he lose everything, his house will be taken to settle fines and legal fees and civil judgments—there will be nothing left for his family but infamy.
But there is a way to terrorize the superstitious savages that have been granted ghost tags in this end-time hunt.
Hammers, two hammers, claw hammers, hooked claw hammers—heavy hammers, not tack hammers or finishing hammers, but framing hammers.
Start building a maze of wood frame for your kids or cats to play in in the yard—just hammer away.
Let the grass grow and have your kids practice hunting rats in the yard.
Take the John Deere grass killing machine out front, and beat the fuck out of it with your hammers and your pry-bar—turn it to scrap. Use the blade to make an ork sword to hang over the front door.
Use the hammers to pound the lawn bricks to gravel so they cannot be used to breach your windows.
Throw a can of paint on your car and replace the chrome trim with barbed wire.
Commit Americacide—that useless non-food growing, decorated gravesite for the tomb of your American-Eaten soul, needs to be desecrated.
Hang chicken wire in front of your porch and window.
Wear your tool belt with your hammers every where.
Don't forget the screw driver in case you get tackled.
Keep a ball peen hammer for throwing if the fucker has a gun to cover your charge.
The tactics are simple, forehand to the head with the hammer, back hand to hook the neck with the claw and then forehand with the hammer in your left hand—make a smashed pumpkin out of that head.
Against bats use a cross-bloc and then sweep low with one claw and hook a kidney while caving the face in with the other.
I found from my now 25-year long violence survey, that blunt tools used as weapons, are many times more effective and lethal than firearms.
I suggest that you defend your glass-twig-pig house—you realize that there are glass panels your could leap through all around your fake castle right?—by offending it and this phony country it embodies.
If they come for you and you must defend, you will be judged insane and locked away—maybe.
Start by attacking the vehicle, just rage on that glass and plastic and rip that thing apart and smash and bash and claw drag every meat-stick that oozes out into your kill box to its doom.
For practice, use sand hammers to beat a four-by-four or a rope coil, a chain or a fence post.
Be the tool-tard.
This is very simple.
I once chased a Bantu and a ghost down Luerssen Avenue with a tomahawk—they in their pickup truck. Americans are all faggots and love their cars and will fuss and be distracted when you start destroying their cars. The car is just a bridge to shatter their mind.
Fuck these American faggots and their rolling artifacts.
I had good fortune counter-attacking the vehicles of attackers, even with a brick, making the gear head who tried to run me over in 1982 with his 1971 yellow cock-sucking mustang turn on a dime and flee when I came out of the alley with a brick.
The Bantu Under Lords of Cuckmenistan, as they ascend the social pyramid as our overseers will increasingly hunt us in vehicles. These faggots are half white and white people are all gay—so these mixed-blood fucktards are by definition gay—so fuck their machine up and they will lose their shit—then knock those teeth across the street and sink the claw of the off-hand hammer into his neck.
Check out the video from the Drunken Agon in 2004. That double baton training is what you need to weaponize your tool belt.
The tool-belt is the only decent thing about normy-con boomer faggotry. Let the rest of America die and find a reason to start wearing a tool belt—and get a yellow hard hat while you are at it.
Fuck America in the eye and let the skank bitch die.
I might be willing to cuss this shitbag nation, but I'm not going to point out the symbology behind the hammer—that would get me in trouble.

The guns have been granted to our overlords.
While the gods cast thunder, we will be better served with our ancient tools.
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NC     Apr 19, 2021

You are in a lovely mood today.

Commissar Walz just requested additional bacon from Nebraska and Ohio.

May the city of my youth be purged from the land. May all with in it become ash.
michael collins     Apr 20, 2021

Great post James. I also like hammers.
Jeremy Bentham     Apr 20, 2021

"Not a blacksmith could be found in the whole land of Israel, because the Philistines had said, “Otherwise the Hebrews will make swords or spears!” So all Israel went down to the Philistines to have their plow points, mattocks, axes and sickles sharpened. The price was two-thirds of a shekel for sharpening plow points and mattocks, and a third of a shekel for sharpening forks and axes and for repointing goads. So on the day of the battle not a soldier with Saul and Jonathan had a sword or spear in his hand; only Saul and his son Jonathan had them." - I Samuel 13:19-22 (NIV)

“Ideas are far more powerful than guns. We don't allow our enemies to have guns, why should we allow them to have ideas? –Joseph Stalin

Sage advice James. Yes, they DO want to take away your guns, and persistent as ‘they’ are, they may succeed. So heritage Americans may soon be reduced to using common hand tools as defensive weapons, much like the ancient Hebrews and the Okinawans. Medical Examiners have pointed out that the small head on a claw hammer has a tendency to become stuck in the skull of the victim, defying easy withdrawal. Perhaps the long handle on a framing hammer will provide enough leverage to pry the hammer head out of the skull should it become stuck in this manner, eh? A carnival worker once told my father that whenever he got in a fight on the midway he likewise used a claw hammer as a defensive weapon. However, he said he always held the claw hammer by the head and struck with the handle, thereby avoiding killing an opponent by skull fracture and/or traumatic brain injury, as well as making it difficult for an opponent to wrest the hammer from his hand. Anyway, given such issues we clearly need someone to develop doctrine for the defensive use of home repair tools, James. A new martial art? The ‘Way of the Tool Belt’?
Bryce     Apr 21, 2021

BPD is down 700 officers. On paper, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, and the other hell-holes are down hundreds of officers as well. THose that remain are well-advised to be innocent bystanders for fear of being Chauvined. The nation-state era of policing since the Metropolitan Police Act of 1829 is over. People will have to defend themselves. Rather, people will have to look tougher than those who refuse to defend themselves.
Juan Stabone     Apr 23, 2021

Perhaps interested parties could give this link a try.

Before we reach the end polint of James' apocalyptic vision, I think that the time has arrived for intra-racial policing. Only cops of a given race will be dispatched to a call involving members of their own race. If anyone at the call (suspect, witness, or victim) is of the BIPOC persuasion, only BIPOC cops will be sent.

There is precedent for this in Tribal police departments, at least one of which that I am aware of shares jurisdiction with a municipal PD within the borders of a major PNW city.
Shep     Apr 23, 2021

I s'pose it'll look pretty much like this clip called "hammer girl" from Raid 2:
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