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Beef and Liberty
A Guest Article by Teutonic Fist
© 2021 James LaFond
Fri, May 7, 5:19 PM (2 days ago)
to me
For the States Independence day is arriving and the Xiden administration proclaimed that they want to discourage muricans from eating beef burgers the 4th of July.
This is in multiple ways tragic since beef burger is in a way a choice between bad and worse, from a moral stance, if you care about such things.
The english history of cattle farming is in the libertarian subculture one where Adam Smith, free markets and Liburalizm enabled the british commoner to eat beef, where british aspirational gentlemen joined steak houses like country clubs, where a noble food stuff is made commonly available to the people who imagine themselfs as potential noble stock, oh the roast beef of old england.
Europeans like to mock americans as "burgers" as american couisine as McDonalds, which in one way strikes at the truth, but doesn't follow the whole way through.
It wasn't so much liburalizm and free market capitalism that made large scale cattle farming possible for the bongs, but removing small time farmers from their land. Its an almost mongolian logic to see an irish farming community that subsists on barley and potatoes and think that this land would be better used as pastorial ground. Yet, this is exatly what happend. You want a market to be free? You have to liberate it first. One can argue about the real causes of the irish famine, but the result was that after the thining of the herd, pun intended, there was a concentration of landholdings for cattle farming as well as an increase of wealth among the surviving population, similar to the pubonic plague waves on continental europe.
This phenomenon echoed in the british colony of america where the cowboy rose to almost mythical status, but no one remembers him for shoveling shit or simply moving spotted buffalo around, as well as for shooting it out with the Indians. Because that is realy the price of cattle, of beef, of burgers. You want pastorial grounds? Fertile, virgin lands that the cattle can shit all over? Usualy someone else has to go. You understand that dynamic behind the motivation of the english, the "roastbeefs", you understand their social dynamics of eternal growth, finding new markets, finding new pastures.
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Yeti Waters     May 9, 2021

The history of cattle ranching in America is complicated and not easy to paint with broad strokes. In the 1930's, big money concerns swept up huge swaths of rangeland in the west. Most of them soon failed. I don't much like eurotrash pretending to be experts on the subject muddying up the waters with more uninformed bullshit. The above article read like a bunch of horseshit written by some continental who has probably never been on a goddam cattle ranch here in the western hemisphere in their goddamn life. Don't act like you know what you're talking about just for the sake of sounding smart.
Sam Finlay     May 10, 2021

Interesting episode of Kunstler's podcast on the war against cattle by globalists. Gets into a lot of stuff from ecology to culture war to new methods of ranching:
Gwydion     May 10, 2021

And so the Аrуаn model is its own downfall. A super predator that must constantly purge new environments to make way for it's favored prey. Until there ceases to be new horizons and a hungry eye must begin to look inward.
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