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Boomer Spooner
Another Heads Up from the Puppeteers and the Blue Queers
Self Defense is Over
6:21 AM (3 hours ago)
to me
Once again you called it ahead of time.
Don Quotays

Yes, I've been writing this since my first harm City article, Officer Manfriendly, from 2011. Welcome to my life. I would make the following observations:
-Self-defense is not over—it was never sanctioned. The veil of fantasy is being rent. My ancestor William Jubb was not permitted to defend a lady, himself or his saloon from an Italian criminal in December of 1912 in West Baltimore. What exactly has changed? Nothing, except for us not being lied to about it. We are now being gifted the hard truth that we are a conquered and subjugated population, whose rulers have imported low-empathy tribalists to suppress and replace us.
-This boomer is making fists. He is stupid. the higher-IQ mulattos are drawing him into a display of threat posture so they can video him and the an backing them up with a gun in tactical gear is a white person. This is not a racial thing here, other than the System has assigned varied and complimentary roles to its auxillary volunteer forces. never make a fist in public. it is tactically unsound on three counts and politically and legally unsound on all accounts.
-The boomer is stepping forward in defense of his fantasy of traffic rights, having been succored into assault posture by a utopian ideal that has now been transferred to his racial and ethical betters.
-This boomer has exited the best weapon in the area—a truck. Back up and go around. Push other cars out of the way—so long as guilty ghosts sit in them. Do not molest the chariots of the Darkling Gods.
Fuck this boomer.
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let the world fend for itself
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WFMay 10, 2021

What kind of lady was in a saloon in 1912?
JWMay 11, 2021

Expecting to see a lot more of this over the summer. The average victim will be this same rough demographic, a boomer man with an expensive vehicle who has been totally insulated from the developing realities of the past decades.

It doesn't matter how red your state is, if you're in any one of the top few hundred biggest metro areas in the US it's a whole different rulebook and every new update stacks the odds against you.

James is 100% right about staying inside of your vehicle. Not only do you sacrifice your best weapon, defense and escape, you're also opening yourself up to the full wrath of every faction of your adversaries simultaneously. Remaining a motorist instead of a pedestrian often carries additional legal protections, as most jurisdictions in this country recognize an automobile as a more sanctimonious being than a man.
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