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Shadow Ban
'James, The Logic of Steel and The Fighting Edge Are Listed Only as Used on Amazon?'
“How do I find these listings, so you get paid and so I don't get gouged for a used copy?”
-Brick Mouse

Yes, my sister and some young men I was coaching were searching for these titles and to my amazement we could not find them listed on Amazon even though they are ready to print you a copy on demand if you order one. They are only listing the used versions. There was also my inability to find numerous fiction titles—very unique fiction titles—on Amazon, even with my name keyed in to the search.
I spoke to The Editrix about this and she informed me that this was a shadow ban and that she painstakingly circumvented these measures by my leviathan publisher to hide my Liliputian books. This may be simple economics, related to my failure to pony up advertising dollars. There is also the failure of the automated system to co-list used and new versions of The Logic of Steel and the Fighting Edge, with reviews only attached to the used versions. The Artificial Intelligence obviously regards these are two entirely different works. There is also the strange “mass market” paperback editions which, overpriced listings we did not authorize—so steer clear of these ripoffs.
Rather than put the link here, I would ask the reader to go to the top of the main page on this site, click on the Paperback Starter Pack, and then go to the relevant page of the bookstore Lynn set up at the Blogspot.
Thank you so much.
PS: Do note that no new books are being published on Amazon this year. We are trying to use other Print On Demand platforms. If you don't like buying on the South American river, then buy hardbacks, they are all published on a rival platform. Indeed, Lynn will be releasing hardback versions of some fiction currently shadow-banned on Amazon later in the year.
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David WheelerMay 17, 2021

One word - jews—I shall only buy direct from you brother—jam
SidvicMay 19, 2021

I really hate these motherrfuckers. Carry on.
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