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An Aryan Indian?: Tim Larkin at Target Focus Training Interviews
Tim Larkin interviews Mike Thompson, a former Aryan brotherhood leader. Thompson is Native American. He looks "white" I never would have believed Mike if it was not for your info on the Native Americans being mixed race. I have not listened to the below YouTube link, but I listened to another interview of Mike Thompson's. He talks about how during his time some of the leaders of the Aryan Brotherhood were Jews. I found that interesting and strange. You might find Mike Thompson interesting because he has a lot of first hand knife fighting experience in self defense situations and modern prison knife dueling. If you think about it prisons are some of the last few places on earth that have real lethal blade duels. Take care and I hope your eyes are doing better!
You might find this youtube video interesting.
-Michael C.

Thank you Michael.
I have seen Mike interviewed numerous times and he gave me the idea for the protagonists in the novel Reverent Chandler, a synthesis of Nordic and Amerindian ethics and metaphysics. As for Jewish Aryans in prison—why wouldn't you want the smartest crooks in your ghost gang? Keep in mind that it was Jews who brought the idea of “white” as a race into European and American consciousness in the late 1600s as a protective slave-trading umbrella for the exploitation of European and African slaves in partnership with Christians of various ethnic types. There could be nothing less white than excluding Jews from a white organization—they invented us as a paper race, so I suppose own our grifted identity.
Tim seems like a serious advocate for masculine preparedness to do battle against the savages that surround us. However, as I listened to him apologize for five solid minutes for interviewing a man who was wrongly imprisoned for nearly his entire life, because that man had no viable choice other than join a ghost gang in prisons dominated by Latino and Bantu gangs, I wanted to hurl. This tells me a lot about the faggots that use Tim's channel—probably a bunch of pussy pigs and overkill MCs.
Mike is pure class. Just like you know immediately when a hip-hop icon opens his mouth that he is an idiot, it is apparent off the bat that Mike is highly intelligent. Of course there is never a need to apologize for belonging to the Latin Kings or Black Gorilla Family or Black Panthers.
Mike was a bull rider—the toughest sport men engage in—and that setting after hours played host to match fights between these studs. It fascinates that even knife violence in prison changed and compressed from the 1970s to the 1980s. That compression from confrontation to assassination, occurred in Baltimore during the same period, going full predation by 1995 and overkill erasure of the target human by 2015. As such Baltimore City, as a habitat, types as an open air penitentiary.
By 15:35 I am getting completely sick of Larkin apologizing for interviewing one of our very best men because he committed the most terrible crime against America a man can commit—to combat a foe outside of the morally phony framework of government sanction indicated by such shit-stain labels as “The War on Drugs,” “The War on Terror,” and “Making the World Safe for Democracy.”
If this cuck apologizes to the faggots on his feed one more time, for interviewing one of the few real men in this dystopian sinkhole of the soul, I'm going to miss the rest of what Mike has to say. At 17:45 Larkin is still apologizing for Thompson's combat ability and operational decisions made under attack.
The police helicopter is circling over the block I am living on in Baltimore, making for a nice ambiance as Mike continues his narrative.
Thompson has the patience of a saint with this cuck-thug.
25 minutes in Larkin has interrupted Mike again and is once again apologizing to sissy America for interviewing the man that would be his master in a rodeo, on a reservation, in combat, on a crisis migration of one of our ancestral people...and I just can't listen to this pompous cuck anymore....
All respect to Mike Thompson.
To “join the Brand,” along with other Aryan Brotherhood Indians in Folsom Prison meant that Thompson would be inducted into the underworld of the clearest extension of the Plantation System that was the basis for America's foundation, the prison system in which the inmate chooses to brand himself as a high agency actor as the scion of the long dead and forgotten youth slaves branded by their masters, under the still malignant eyes of the overseers.
Thank you, Michael.
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