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Musings from Friends
Han Silo, Brian Jewell, Richard Barrett and Gotham Tom Spit into the Spend Time Wind
ASP batons
Mon, May 31, 3:48 AM (5 days ago)
-Han Silo

New Blog and book
Brian Jewell
Tue, Jun 1, 7:48 AM (4 days ago)
Hope all is well. Here is my latest blog. I'm using [another] computer before she goes to work (keeping my coffee well away from it). I'm also sending you a copy of my latest completed book, Musings On Muggings and Other Violent Inconveniences. This is the one [my editor] couldn't get through and I could use a second opinion on. She thinks I could lift from individual chapters and just use them as blogs. Not a bad idea in my opinion. Yet I still like the book as a whole. It was obviously inspired from reading your work, hence the dedication. In one of the chapters I quote advice from you from an email (which I suppose at this point I should be asking for your permission to use). Let me know what you think; should I scrap it, revamp it or use it for spare parts...?

Brian, I won't be able to read it for a while—email is about the most screen time my eyes can tolerate right now. I understand your editor's concern that your writing on the savage reality of where you live in the town where you work, might get you in trouble and you could end up a one-eyed hobo. Look, anything that is worth a blog, should also be put in print, because all blogs have and will be erased at some point. Also, consider using a non-Amazon platform as an additional POD platform.
You can print any quote of mine you want without permission. You are now, with my semi-retirement, the only person doing urban blight fact writing and pedestrian impressions. That category of book has been doing well for me since faggots and savages started burning cities last year. Once you get Musings on Muggings in print, I'll plug it here.
Keep writing and contact Richard about doing some pulp fiction. You could really do dual use on your shithole city experiences by using yourself as a model for a protagonist in a dystopian horror setting. Most people don't realize that much of my Harm City writing served as backstory for fiction such as Poet, Doom Fawn, Organa and the Sunset Saga and that now I take it right to fiction, like with Dollar Joe and Beyond Rainbow Bridge. That evolution was helpful to my development as a fiction writer—indeed accounts for most of my ability to write empathetic characters, such as it is. I am finishing up a novel set in Middle Earth from an ork messiah perspective, and said messiah and his blood relations are based on real iron age barbarians I took the bus with in Baltimore City.

Epoch of the Far Dawn Chapter 5
Richard Barrett
Thu, Jun 3, 4:31 PM (2 days ago)
Here it is!
Yes, I bend nails, but I have yet to get one into a horse shoe. Yet.
I have done 200 Hindu Pushups ('Dive Bomber Pushups") and 200 Hindu Squats ("Deep Knee Bends") a day for a few months in about an hour, hour and fifteen.
On Christmas Eve of 2019 I did 600 Hindu Squats and 700 Toe Touches.
Yes, I have done Hindu Squats shirtless in riding breeches and boots.
Truth makes the best Pulp Fiction!
Richard Barrett

Richard, I do not have to encourage you to keep spitting into the gay cyclone of Modernity. However, I do feel duty bound to remind you that the World hates you—specifically you, for not being an atheist or a homo among your other myriad crimes—and that the Statue of Liberty is a tranny.

NYPD Crime Stoppers (@NYPDTips) Tweeted:
Mon, May 31, 9:49 PM (5 days ago)
NYPD Crime Stoppers (@NYPDTips) Tweeted:
WANTED for AN Assault inside of the 125 Street Station (2,3 Lines; Lenox Ave),. #Manhattan @NYPD28pct on 5/31/21 @ 6:00 AM The unidentified male stabbed the victim multiple times to the baac. Reward up to $3500Seen them? Know who they are? Call 1-800-577-TIPS or DM us!
How are you?
This looked to me like a bit of mutual combat, with a combination of weapons; and unique enough to be of interest to you.
Gotham Tom

I am rebuilding a porch in Pittsburgh and choking on concrete and cinderblock dust—these masks don't even filter out grit. No wonder they worked so well taking the flu rate down to zero...
Thanks for the shank news.
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ShepJun 20, 2021

Richard Barrett is the reincarnation of The Great Gama!
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