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The disease is over, the wee are well, and the meek have thankfully yet to inherit the earth...
My comments will be preceded by an elipse, which is: ...this thing, the three dots that mark a lack of closure.
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A Call For the Return of Objectivity in Journalism – sifujewell
Brian Jewell
10:02 AM (1 minute ago)
Hope your weekend is going well. Here is my latest blog. I realize it’s a little late in the weekend, so you may not have the time to do anything with this, but I just posted it a few minutes ago...
Brian you caught me while I was posting the weekly just in time. I have not read this. However, my thought is that we are so far from objective journalism that we should get as subjective and biased as possible.

This Summer, Amtrak Brings Back the McRib of Travel Deals [feedly]
Sat, Jun 12, 1:22 AM
This Summer, Amtrak Brings Back the McRib of Travel Deals
—via my feedly newsfeed
b Sirius
Thanks, bro. I just bought a train ticket and occupancy rates are still less than half of normal so prices are good.

Door dash Dan's bet that hurt
Fri, Jun 11, 7:23 PM
Before you judge, did these two really have any better option for meaningful activity? In the current state of affairs, why should they even break out their 180 IQs to rebuild the mothership?

"uterine morality"- feminism in china
Sun, Jun 6, 4:11 PM
-The Brick Mouse
Sir, this is ominous. If you had told me, when I was at your raw age, that pussy would one day become self aware, I would not have believed you. But here it is. The next thing you know you will be sending video of a pussy crawling up the sidewalk and demanding to be included in some scheme for anthropomorphic sentient design!

53: Alt-Right Novelist dot Com, w/ Andy Nowicki by Incel • A podcast on Anchor
Wed, Jun 9, 12:24 PM
Andy and what happened to his marriage
-Mister Grey
Andy has two chapters in The Filthy Few, my pizza gate novel, and I did not let any of those mean characters kill him. However, all of the readers who signed up for the mission as characters met a very bad end.

Cooking with LaFond
Thu, Jun 10, 2:04 PM
-Mister Grey
You know, the chili that was left over after three days, we reheated with kemchi!

Woman charged with assaulting Jacksonville officer
Wed, Jun 9, 9:50 AM
It appears this strong independent woman was not repecting his authoritay!
Going into a multi-brawl scene alone was not smart. What happened to waiting for backup? Maybe they're short staffed?
Crazy times, enjoy.
Don Quotays
Oh, Don, I am offended that this cop interfered before the white top came off and titties started flapping. Furthermore, he obscured my view of the darling combat incubators. How am I ever to select a worthy harem of combat incubators for my hybrid vigor colonization project if such nosey civic slaves insist on interfering with auditions? I can't be everywhere and depend on video for my advance planning.

Review of Velvet Glove
Richard Barrett
Tue, Jun 8, 10:51 PM
I love that you worked a John Wayne, Soviet Union, and Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous reference all into one.
The legend that is James Lafond lives on!
Richard Barrett
I don't even remember writing this. Glad you liked it, Richard.

Watch the Grill!
Mon, Jun 7, 1:48 PM
Look how quick sistergirl fights off flailing simp with a bicycle as a weapon!
-Mescaline Franklin
There will be no place for flailing simps in my combat incubation colony. The breeding program will be harder than I thought.

Sun, Jun 6, 10:45 PM
Search For Suspect Who Attacked A Woman At A Gardena Gas Station
Rick Montanez reports from a Gardena gas station where a man attacked a woman, seemingly randomly, Sunday. The victim is still hospitalized.
If she had hosed him down with fuel, and lit him up, I imagine that with all that fat, he would still be burning!
Viking Age Barbarian
Sir, at least we now know that Emanuel Yarborough lost weight and is battling immigration in Los Angeles. Did you see how meekly he went away with one of the three sissy ghosts who lacked the courage to get physically involved. Were they filming a C-list reboot of Mighty Joe Young with a female villain, or what?
This was a strange happening indeed.
Muva Urff
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