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'Can I Suck Your Dick?'
Devil Dick Fields the Ultimate Modern Question from a Member of the Advent Master Class
© 2021 James LaFond
Homo at the beach
Tue, Jun 15, 6:47 PM (22 hours ago)
to me
Hey James, last week I ran into a homo at the far end of a beach. Our conversation began when some rich douchebag (I saw him up close later) was rocking a girl back and forth on his jet ski. I saw the homo also staring, and to not be an awkward piece of crap said "Wouldn't it be cool to do that on a date?". Anyways, the homo was apparently from India and had just come before the pandemic. Jobs were scarce and it was hard to find a girlfriend. I had been lucky and picked one before the shutdown.
Well, apparently this guy around my age, was a virgin. Last time he dated was back in India. He began talking about ideals of love and sharing it with someone special. I said it's probably a better idea to rack up some numbers and dissapoint some random bitch with your first time instead of your special sugie boogie. "I'm bisexual". That's cool d00d.
"Can I suck your dick by the rocks down there?". I made a face like I had smelled a gay man's fart for about 30 seconds, as this Indian used his flea market bargaining powers to make this deal even sweeter. "It's my first time, it will mean alot :-)". As I was walking away dissapointed to learn homos exist, I could hear him following me still reciting his sweet deals. I have a pocket knife I carry on my waistband, and pulled it out. "Hey bro, you can't go around asking people to suck their dicks" etc etc "I'm a nice guy so I won't stab you, but be more cautious ". I thought that was that, but he had to ask one last time " Can I just see it :( ". Anyways at that point I realized this homo had no shame, and was hellbent on sucking dicks, and I didnt want to commit a hate a crime, just a regular crime, so I walked away, still dissapointed these things exist.
I told my girlfriend about this over videocassette, and some 2 white girls walked by right when I told her about pulling out my knife and how nice of a guy I am. They looked all shocked which made me laugh. As a kid I constantly got morally shamed by white women, (as if I'm one of their tribe), so seeing them horrified I'd hurt one of their precious little creatures makes me happy.
Anyways, I thought you'd enjoy this small story about how gay shit is now. Also, have you ever had to deal with one of these homos? Was I too polite? When I got home I remembered that scene from Conan where he punches that gay priest, and regretted not pushing that homo into the ocean and running away.
- Devil Dick

Hey, there must be some karmic quality to that moniker you chose for this site!
It is my opinion that one should never threaten a homo.
Hierarchy, social order, which masculinity advocates are so keen to offer as an alternative to money-making as a civic religion, and are quick getting in its new twisted form.
Permit me to sketch the future moral hierarchy from most to least supported by the former Navy SEALs who will be working as law enforcement contractors for Chinese population management corporations here in North America. First, keep in mind that stage one is to punish your ass for threatening homos, then the hetero beef cakes in body armor will repel in from choppers to punish you for not letting them suck your dick...
The hierarchy currently taking form works on two parallel and convergent tracks,
From highest to lowest:
Quean Social Level
-1. Hermaphrodite
-2. male to female tranny
-3. female to male tranny
-4. andy/eunuch/drone
-5 lesbian [including bisexuals]
-6. homo-pitcher
-7. homo-catcher
-8. homo switch-hitter
-9. hetero woman
-10. hetero man
Race Social Level
-1. golden skin mix
-2. African mix
-3. African or aborigine
-4. Amerindian Polynesian
-5. Southwest Asian
-6. Southeast Asian
-7. North Asian
-8. Mestizo
-9. Dark Caucasian
-10. White
Recall the code of Hammurabi, when it was a crime to kill a rich man but only a fining offense for murdering a slave out of hand. In the new moral order a dick-sucking switch-hitting Southwest Asian is halfway up the social hierarchy and I, as a hetero man of devilish hue, am at the rock bottom. I would never threaten such a queer. Especially any threat uttered in a sphere of vaginal authority is dangerous. No one is quicker to call the cops on a man of European origin who does not suck dick than a woman of said extraction.
Be very careful here.
I recall working at Shoppers #45, at Fort Avenue and Lawrence, in South Baltimore, when I was in my early thirties. An obviously gay man asked me to look for some Edy's mint chocolate chip on the bottom shelf, so I got on my knees and began to dig and discovered that he and two homo butt buddies were admiring my ass and giggling, having hidden that container so they could see me on my knees. I pretended not to notice.
Oh yes, Elmer, a postal supervisor, an older back man, picked me up at a bus stop in Belair Edison in front of Sensei Steve's Okinawin Karate Studio on a Saturday morning and drove me to Tattoo Rick's bar and asked if he could suck me off in the front seat and I declined and he politely thanked me for the company as I got out of his pickup truck.
Yeah, and then there was the big hippy who wanted me to have a threesome with him and his girl and I declined, in part because I thought he was interested in touching me...
Bro, America is gay—even the Statue of Liberty is a tranny...
I've had a few men, two older white guys and one younger black guy, offer to suck my cock. The black guy made sure he told me he wasn't gay. I pretended not to hear them and walked away. Fortunately, I have gotten to the age where I only have to field this question from cute Asian babes and old white ladies.
Unless you are alone with a man, off video and unrecorded in some noisy place and you are trying to get him to submit rather than have to hurt him, I never recommend making a threat, and even then, it should be whispered.
Bro—step away from the rocks!
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Mike_C     Jun 28, 2021

"Can I suck your dick by the rocks down there?"

Try an answer such as: "You wouldn't want to bro; doctor says I've got some kind of multidrug-resistant gonorrhea. Thanks anyway though."

James is absolutely correct that the homosexual is a sacred object of veneration, and certainly not one to be threatened in any way, much less with a weapon.

But I would note that the race list is missing an entry at the top.
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