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The New Medieval Order
Crux Cross and the Crackpot Update Maskland Hysteria: dateline 6/17/21
mask update
Wed, Jun 16, 1:32 PM (21 hours ago)
to me
Cool, thanks.
Btw, anecdotal of course but the mask usage seems to be swinging up and down. I travel through Penn Station about once per week—and of course in my building and around the neighborhood on a daily basis, and I would guess it dipped a bit the last couple of weeks but is snapping back this week. Not wild swings, just a few percentage points, but my anticipation that it would devolve in one direction was wrong. I now have to guess it's going to oscillate like a wave. For how long I don't know. Maybe there's a prisoners dilemma aspect—or a 'first penguin off the ice floe' aspect. (is there an orca waiting just below the surface? but look at all those sardines! if I'm the first penguin...)
Also, today there's a Free Faxxine truck and tent just outside my building!
-Crux Cross

Sir, I have been thinking along these lines for some time.
I have long thought that the police state would devolve into a new feudal order and I see it with the ongoing law propaganda at Amtrak stations. I was at Union Station in Philly yesterday and every ten minutes there was a 90 second automated announcement, which said in part:
“According to FEDERAL LAW [no longer a mandate] all Amtrak customers and employees must wear a mask [not face covering] while at stations and on trains, regardless of vaccination status or state or local laws. Failure to comply...”
And then came the litany of threats.
Five minutes after each announcement, a live announcement would be made saying that “face coverings” must be worn. Ironically, the Amtrak employees are resisting limiting face coverings to masks as the federal law is written, because it is very hard to enforce the way a mask is worn while face coverings tend to cover the nose more reliably.
The employees, including Amtrak cops, keep a box of masks near the service counter and hand off masks to a pretty mulatto coworker who arrives without one, protecting each other from the law they are charged with enforcing.
Thinking back to last year, by early summer masks were largely gone outside and a seasonal rhythm was being established which I think will repeat this year. Some have noted to me that what the feds and corps have done is install a behavioral control accelerator which can be pressed by the silicon heel of the media state at any eventuality. People I knew who were “all over the mask” by last August, and sneered at my assertion that masks would be back with autumn, were all about the mask come October when the steerage cult machinery swung into full gear again.
Lockdowns are good from the state perspective, as they have reduced fertility [facilitating the need for immigration to replace disobedient population], increasing drug use and overdose deaths and also increasing consumption, with freight trains still on the increase. These though, I think are minor benefits. The major benefit to the System of Control is the establishment of rhythm. This must be introduced to replace the perpetual lineal growth model of industrial life, especially with the cancellation of space travel.
In the activities of boxing, dueling, war, economics, mesmerism, hypnosis, comedy, story telling, news casts and sports spectator devotion, the dominant actors are positively served by rhythm. For instance, a master boxer or duelist actually recruits his lesser opponent as the rhythm section in his own innovative performance. This insures the complimentary and predictable behavior of the less able actor. The master boxer is then in a position of leading and having his foe follow in the dance, so that he will decide when to break the rhythm and put his foe at a disadvantage. Imagine a dance in which the man leads because he is intent on tripping the woman. That is what we are dealing with under systems of control
I believe that this is an effective means of employing aggression because we are creatures of rhythm, both in terms of activity, but also in terms of the rising of the sun and the falling of night and the rising of the moon and of the cycle of seasons. It is of interest that the most complex social orders arise in places with four seasons instead of those with only two.
I noticed, when foraging for berries in the Rockies, that the repeated activity not only put me in a rhythmic state but also put me into a trance where I lost track of the passage of time and dehydration. I would have been easy prey for a cougar.
A year ago, my good friend, Nero the Pict said to me, “I never want to hear again about how stupid medieval people were with their mass hysteria, witch hunts and superstitions, after this [shamdemic] bullshit.”
Indeed, science is no longer something that is used for more than deception, having become a beta-human following cult for the worship of authority and the holiness of fear and the sacraments of hysterical mob induction. I was 100% correct 15-months ago when I declared the shamdemic to be a system test. To me the fact that I am now armed with the ability to say “I told you so,” is more important than the tens of thousands of overdose and suicide deaths and the now 5,800 vaccination deaths.
My duty is to profit from the observations of mankind's woe, just as The System is tasked with cultivating woe under color of keeping it at bay, by using the hysterical belief in the fake process of science, which is not real, but is magic in the hands of the hoodoo merchants.
Science is fake.
Science is not real—it is a sham and is simply used as a prop for magic.
In the Industrial Age magic went away.
But with the dawning of the Atomic Age, the magic returns and now holds sway.
The human being is easily kept inside during the severe and inhospitable part of the year—in winter.
In summer, he yearns to be free, so his evil shepherds let him out to graze.
And when the night of winter draws near, as dusky autumn falls, the evil shepherds will call their mindstock back to their pens and they will flock to their master's call.
Note that not a single death from flu occurred in 2020.
It was pure genius that preexisting vaccines waiting for implementation, developed in Germany before the advent of the Brovid Jiveteen, were not made available until after the man made disease started failing to kill at previous rates as nature asserted her power.
Well played!
This means, that after the man made plague finally fractures and stops killing people at a rate that makes it possible to assign breast cancer, heart failure and shooting deaths to it, that the flu will suddenly be discovered to have reemerged. With a cooling climate, promoting increased tree pollen and allergies fueling respiratory complaints, any respiratory distress can now be lumped into a new fantasy disease conconcted by the sorcerers who pretend at science and presented by the media mesmerists to scare us indoors for another winter.
The more time we spend working indoors and living indoors the more we will yearn for media induced seasons to fill our rhythmic void. Eventually I predict that media seasons might become divorced from natural seasons. When this happens will mark a watershed event for the steerage cults and their mindstock.
Such an overwrought system of control makes little pockets of wilderness within. Just like a city that demolishes the natural order, sprouts little feral greenspaces within, and the police state makes of its own weight, anti-gravity crime zones within heavily policed sectors. Likewise, Maskland and its Laws, makes unmasked spaces within.
For instance, when I was at Union Station Philly, under the towering columns on either end of the vast marble-tiled hall, and above the ten concrete stairways leading down to the monstrous machines on their steel rails, a furtive figure showed up on the bench to my left, between two young soybots. The man was something like one would imagine once manned the shoeshine stand to our right. He studiously avoided me as a homeless hard case.
He was thin, bent, sallow, weak-chinned, frost-bearded with shallow chin snow and wore his blue mask down about his chin. He was a “redbone” man as they would say in Baltimore and into his sixties. He had a sketch pad and asked the sissy next to me, “Brother, could you flash me a smile?”
The sissy pulled down his mask and smiled, within easy site of the burly tattooed Amtrak cops who looked away, giving the street artist his chance to pick up $20. The old artist asked, “Is it alright if I call you 'Pretty Boy' your mother must have been a fine-looking woman—make sure you tell her that when you show her this picture...”
After sketching and selling this sissy male's likeness, the elder thanked him and turned to the bigger, bearded sissy at his left and said, “Oh, you mus' be all of thirty-five wit dat beard, brutha...”
Another round of banter, sketching and trade ensued and the furtive mask insurgent looked over at the big cop, who looked like an MMA contender, who gave him a narrow look of waning tolerance and the fellow went out on his way, $40 the richer.
Humans like this will continue to live in the hollow recesses of the soulless machine and just beyond its slim margins as the great herd of rule-following mindstock trundle along mewing in compliance. In the future that I see, the only actual living human beings with souls will be criminals—social crooks, thought enemies, muggers, unmasked hookers...
So will the new feudal order wax as the rest of us, like serfs of Yore remaining in the valley of his birth his entire life, shall stay within the rules, being nothing but mirrors reflecting the progress of criminals—knights of a returned seasonal world. We the obedient will remain on the farm, near the slaughter yard, awaiting smoking in the barn, where we meat-puppets lurch and dangle in obedience to our science masters, awaiting our slow consumption in the gaslight of our willing induction.
What comes is richly deserved.
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