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Back to the Water
Fells Point, A Historic Baltimore Enclave Under Occupation and the Medicalization of the Nation: Dateline 6/19/21
© 2021 James LaFond
Fells Point businesses threaten to withhold taxes if Baltimore does not address crime, drug dealing and other issues - Baltimore Sun
Jun 18, 2021, 7:08 AM (1 day ago)
to me
By the time this article posts on July 5, Baltimore will be into its most violent month of the year and I will be getting off the train on Charles Street and hiking out of town with a ruck sack and Industrial Yo-Hammer, the four foot and four pound solid metal T-cane made for me by Bob last September in Utah. I am looking forward to the lawlessness, since my traditional foes now know that the police will not be zooming in to punish me for defending myself with as much urgency as in past times.
Boomy the Nigerian Crusader saved "The Blond Woman of the Yuppies" from a mob of feral bantus in Fells Point in late April of 2015.
In about 1830 Frederick Douglass was beat up by two white coworkers on the job where he worked as an unpaid slave for his master, taking away a poor man's job so that a filthy rich man could make more profit on his slave.
My mother used to own an antique shop in Fells Point in the 1990s.
My friend, Doctor Dread, grew up there and was stoned by bantu rioters in 1968.
Our Baltimore Travel Guide was dropped from reddit because some rich college students who had attended Johns Hopkins objected to me marking off Perkins Homes [the low rise projects from whence all local crime sweeps waterward to assail the ghostly non-combatant class] as dangerous. They cited the fact that they drove by it in their fancy cars with no problem, declaring my experience walking and bussing through that area—where a cop watched Doctor Dread be attacked by a group of men and did nothing as Doctor Dread disarmed the advanced knifer—and even had a gun pulled on me there at a bus stop.
Five years ago a sissy U.S. Marine combat veteran was pistol whipped in fells Point while sitting in his car, whipped by a junior G hoodrat.
A year later a female musician was beaten and robbed of her saxaphone there...
Four years ago some sissy white nationalists asked me to speak to them at a bar in Fells Point. Injured at the time with a torn hip rotator, I did not want to have to spend 2.5 hours by bus getting down there from Northeast Baltimore and suggested the Raven Inn in Baltimore County, a redneck bar, and they declined, citing it as a bad area.
Three years ago Fells Point merchants closed for Halloween to avoid the beating of their employees by the noble class.
My point is, is that there is a long term love affair in Fells Point, going back to 1830, between rich white men and low income black men, with both classes of people coexisting there to the detriment of working whites, who are all but extinct there. The last remaining working stiffs are the employees that get beat up on the job.
The happy ending, is that Perkins Homes is being emptied, that the hoodrats are being shipped to Baltimore County to hobnob with their rich white patrons in criminal-guilt bliss and that Latinos are taking over everything that Johns Hopkins is not buying for employee housing. For this reason, Canton, the guilt ghost enclave not making the news, has been saved for the gentry, by those people that are invisible to them, the Latinos who surround Canton on three sides while the water protects them from the fourth side. It is not safe for thugs to traverse Little Squatemaula.
Fells Point will continue to see-saw back and forth as a black crime-zone and white play zone due to its accessibility to the overrun Inner Harbor and West Baltimore and the joint degeneracy of both races.
What interests me about this article, is that the law enforcement statement below, in garbled fashion, is pointing the way for future law enforcement along medical lines. By 2040, Johns Hopkins will have a private police force [they already do] with arrest powers and detention facilities in hospital basements, where they will incarcerate people based on medical warrants served by doctors, social workers, nurses and hospital administrators. This force will draw from a pool of use-of-force tiered employees that will include military contractors to staff SWAT teams and will be permitted to enforce private laws. Brovid Jiveteen has paved the way in Maryland, with private companies legally permitted to enforce experimental medical procedures on employees as of July 1, 2021.
”The assaults, the malicious destruction of personal and private property, and the shooting that took place in Fells Point this past weekend has nothing to do with our policies to divert those suffering from mental health and substance use disorders,” the statement said. “Our office has and will continue to focus our time, attention and limited resources on violent crime and serious felonies causing the most harm in our city.”
A look at the map below will show that Fells Point is among the safest areas in Baltimore, just North and east of the little boxy harbor indentation. In 2018 24 sit down restaurants were closing every month in Baltimore City.
Now for the good news, in the last 30 days ending in June 19, there have been 36 meat sacks dropped in Harm City. The perennial Murderbowl Middleweight Champs are killing it! the median kill rate is 28 or 29, I think.
In the first 18 days of June there are 18 dead, 2 bitches and 16 bucks and bulls.
The racial make up are 8 black and 10 unknown.
The year to date body count is a cheering 156.
The trajectory should result in a year end kill total of between 320 and 350.
May had 38 kills, meaning that July will possibly see 40 or more.
Stabbings are down, meaning that the Latinos are taking a sanguine siesta.
Beating deaths are way up, indicating an increase in mob violence against lone targets.
This is to the good.
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