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'Should I Have a Generator?'
The Brick Mouse Wants to Know about Urban Prepping
© 2021 James LaFond
“Should I have a generator?”
-The Brick Mouse, 7/12/21
As we returned to his Baltimore abode during a discussion of possible shortages, lock downs, unrest and even zombie apocalypse this coming winter, his good friend Zyche brought up being prepared for what the Young Gods will be throwing at them this coming winter.
The traditional advice is to cash in your half million in pensions and bug out to a rural retreat. Well, for people in their 20s, even a married couple, the housing market in low crime zones is prohibitive. The homes that people of the boomer or gen-x herds would have bought, will now go to rental corporations, and the top 1% folks from India and China and other upscale American replacement zones. Down scale and mid-range American replacements will be housed as renters in the units bought by corporations.
So, lets say you find a relatively secure fringe urban home that you can afford, that places you behind enemy lines in an urban pocket of occupied America as the hoodrat legions pillage outward into Whitebreadistan, exactly as is happening now in Harford County, Maryland where I here write. [1]
I was, in February, in an ice storm black out in the Cascades. Of course, The Colonel, The Major and The Captain all had gas-powered generators. Fortunately it was very cold and we lost no food, because two of the three generators failed to work, including The Colonel's brand new one that he fires up every month.
My observations are this:
-Generators are very loud and tell hoodrats and cops and national guard, who will be pillaging and looting and raping during grid down situations, where your ass is. People operating generators will be assumed to have other supplies as well as the valuable and unprotected generator which must be kept outside. Such prepared people will be used as operational supply bases by the cops. They will kill you, fuck your wife, eat your food, take your stuff, and move on after a few days, leaving her to deal with your corpse, unless they are black, in which case they will kill her after fucking her. A Baltimore City cop, who lives in Anne Arundel County, was just found to have buried his stepson alive behind dry wall. If he lived in the city, that kid would never have been found.
-Generators that require gas. Anything that requires gas, will place you in violation of gas rationing laws and mandates and crisis measures and your gas officially confiscated and you jailed, and your house searched for contraband such as guns and excessive food, even if the rogue cops and hoodrats do not descend on you.
I recommend, from experience, the best home survival item there is, a small wood stove in the basement and a supply of fire wood in a covered place partially to conceal that you have it. This, like most self-sustaining life measures, such as growing you own food, is against the law in many places. However, if you vent the exhaust right next to where your dryer vent is and don't burn a bunch of dirty stuff than it might not draw attention. Try using it even in normal times to dry your basement and warm the entire house above it. It is more healthy heat than moldy forced air.
The wood stove can be used to boil water and cook food. We boiled the water from the stream and used it for washing dishes, boiling eggs, etc. The stove is quiet and if the power is out, try just running it at night to avoid drawing attention.
If there is some kind of propane device that can be used outside without requiring electric grid ignition, I would suggest that, as well as securing the propane tanks, which are potential bombs, not in a shed or garage, rather in a covered brush pile or under a garden tarp. I used $10 a week to heat the camper I stayed in last winter. Propane is now cheaper than gas.
Good Fortune, Sir!
-1. An armed security guard shot two hoodrats and killed one at a Giant Food store in Northwest Baltimore yesterday. It will be interesting to see if anyone in the national media or social justice league care about this. My guess is it better be a black security man or shit will kick off.
Chinese Collins?
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'Are You Okay!'

Ruben     Aug 14, 2021

Honda generators are very quiet. You can easily have a normal conversation seated right next to them. Most inverter style gennies are pretty quiet. A good generator can run on gas, diesel, and propane. I have friends that run propane generators. Since Trumps 'trade' war with China they're in short supply, as are adult diapers which I am sure is making Biden's House of Whitey staff go apoplectic.
Ruben     Aug 14, 2021

I neglected to mention that just after Hurricane Katrina I rode out in a school bus from Cali to New Orleans with the Veterans For Peace and Food Not Bombs. We waded into town in chest deep water pushing a metal food cart and with several ice chest coolers full of food. We say alligators feasting on dead people.

We get into town, set up shop and started passing out water and food. Within the hour Blackrock Security found us, shot their weapons over our heads to disperse us. Ate what food they wanted, stole our water and kicked all the food on to the ground. So, yes, the cops will steal your shit....or their armed mercs. We kept going back until Michael Moore showed up.
Jeremy Bentham     Aug 14, 2021

People are already buying up standby generators in increasing numbers. Not in anticipation of the Apocalypse necessarily, but because power outages have become ever more frequent across the land. The “New Normal”. The ability of the power companies to restore power in a timely fashion is seriously challenged as well (worker shortages?). It’s only going to get worse as the country transitions to unreliable ‘green’ power and shuts down reliable coal and nuclear plants (Remember what happened to Texas this past winter?). Plus with the U.S. government mandating a transition to electric cars, increasing demand will be placed on a national electric grid that is already overtaxed (Toyota Says Electric Cars Will Overload The Grid )

The best-selling backup generator system on the market is made by Generac. Made in the USA! Manufactured right here in the Midwest! Generac makes both diesel and propane powered models (Generac recommends the propane powered ones for most homeowners). They really are a turn-key operation, just like depicted in the TV commercials: when the power goes off the generator turns on and when the power goes back on the generator turns off, automatically. So all the meat in your freezer stays frozen, your insulin stays refrigerated and your electric sump-pump still keeps your basement from filling up with water. All the cell phone towers in my region have Generac backup generators, so as long as we can keep our cell phones charged we still have phone service during blackouts. At a minimum you’ll need a generator that keep can keep your refrigerator and storage freezer running in order to keep from losing all your perishable foods and medicines (300-1200 watts for a frig alone). If you can’t afford a powerful enough standby generator then invest in camping equipment like camp stoves, lanterns, chest coolers and catalytic heaters. Solar ovens work like a charm too, especially if you live in a sunny part of the country ( Make sure you have plenty of ventilation when running motors or open flames indoors, lest you kill yourself from Carbon-monoxide poisoning (biggest killer during prolonged power outages). Don’t stock pile lot of expensive perishable food either if you have no power backup.

James is right, if you have not already established your fortress of solitude in the wilderness, it’s too late to flee the city now. It is too late for anyone not well heeled to leave the country as well. Borders are already being closed (New Zealand will keep its international border closed until early 2022

I would beg you urban white folks to stay where you are now, because your appetite for illegal drugs is such that when you move to the suburbs and small cities the dindus who sell you dope invariably follow you. Then pretty soon the burbs and small towns experience the same kind of crazy, relentless, hyper-violent black crime that makes living in the big cities such a trial. (Wisconsin Officer must Drop Taser and Move to Lethal Force -ASP Big city crime comes to little Sheboygan, Wisconsin, population 49,288. A knife-wielding mentally ill black man, who was “off his meds”, attempts to murder a black police officer and is shot dead by same.)
Bryce Sharper     Aug 17, 2021

Adding to Jeremy's comments, get a transfer switch for some of your house circuits to the generator so that you can run your house circuits off the generator.

I am partial to Honda inverting generators because they can be daisy-chained and are low-noise for running sensitive electronics. I will look into Generac though.
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